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  1. My computer is finally complete

    So I started out with a basic Cyberpower pc $400 dollar build

    and heres where I'm finally at

    Mobo - Asus P8H61-M LX2
    Ram -8 gb
    Processor i5 intel 3.0 ghz
    HDD- 1 tb
    Power supply- Corsair gs800 - 800 watt
    DVD RW drive
    GPU- EVGA Geforce gtx 560 superclocked

    *if I'm missing anything please comment*

    but yep thats my build

    Can now run crysis 1 and 2 , guild wars 2 and BF3 on max

    So thrilled with this now..
  2. HAHAHAHA Suck it APPLE!!!

  3. The BF3 haters come marching in one by one

    So well here I am going to vent about the small groups of BF3 monkey shit heads who think their voices matter in making the game... even if it ruins people plans and delays the game to well the next year because people want there title to be the freaking same...

    This is not directed towards tpg...

    So Battlefield 3 coming out... in oh... I dunno in 22 freaking days... and here comes the petition signing... oh boy oh boy lets all make our voices heard and delay the game even further so our wishes can be answered...

    I have a problem with people being total clueless deer in headlights waiting to get freaking plowed by a semi truck because they fucking can't get out way or shut the fuck up...