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  1. The BF3 haters come marching in one by one

    So well here I am going to vent about the small groups of BF3 monkey shit heads who think their voices matter in making the game... even if it ruins people plans and delays the game to well the next year because people want there title to be the freaking same...

    This is not directed towards tpg...

    So Battlefield 3 coming out... in oh... I dunno in 22 freaking days... and here comes the petition signing... oh boy oh boy lets all make our voices heard and delay the game even further so our wishes can be answered...

    I have a problem with people being total clueless deer in headlights waiting to get freaking plowed by a semi truck because they fucking can't get out way or shut the fuck up...
  2. Final breaking down.. New computer idea

    Hoping to get some good insight on this. Been out of the game for a very long time in terms of parts.
  3. I can tell by your smile your coming undone....

    The things you told me about how you didn't like the life you were living. The situations you are in. The aftermath of many destructive forces. The things you wanted differently. The things you wanted. The way you had to deal with them. It all made me realize that we both have similar issues, but in our different ways. All the major things that happened to you through out your life, made mine look miniscule. But you made it through them all, but not it the right way. Keeping them in side you to show that you are not weak. To show that you are fine, when in fact you are crumbling. Nobody to support you, nobody to give help, nobody to give guidance. Only people that made you crumble more. The people that were suppose to help, never did. They ...

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  4. Nuclear Dawn

    ..... there is not enough lube in the world that could cover all the base raping
    Video Games
  5. Sickness

    Losing control of my mind, wanting for the one i love. Becoming unhealthy from the pain that i feel. Not knowing how to deal with emotions that i have never felt before. Wanting so much in life, but struggling to grasp them. I don't know what to think anymore. I need help, but who would know how i feel. I cant explain my feelings because they are to great to put into words. Stress is known to take a person down, and i cant get back up. Stressed over the little things in life to some, but new and large to me. I cant cope with the stress over the decisions the one i love has made, but i know that i can not hurt her. I try to not hurt my self, but i cant stop thinking of her.

    Every time her image appears, the stress takes me over. ...

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