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  1. Mask of Lies - Old band lyrics, deal with it

    Promises hung from your finger tips
    Dangled before our eyes
    We applauded our own damnation
    Praised the puppets show of lies

    And still they dance upon your stage of deception
    Still they twist and writhe
    Remove their heads but it will ruin the fiction
    We much prefer their masks of lies

    So bring forth your serpents
    Make them dance just like before
    No need for a sequel
    Feed us yesterday's lies, we'll still beg for more

    Will the curtain ever fall?
    Or will the show go on?
    Is this a tragedy that has no ending?
    Burn this fucking stage to the ground!

    You are nothing but a perfect deception
    A hollow man ...
  2. Reaver's Lament - More crap lyrics from my old band

    This moment of clarity
    Pulled the skin back from my eyes
    My bonds are broken
    But they will once again be retied

    Cities burn before me
    And only shadows that lurk behind these eyes
    Will ever serve to remind me
    I once loved those I now despise

    I tore the lips right from my face
    I'm so tired of pleading
    At least now I can pretend I'm smiling

    I spit the heart right from my chest
    I couldn't stop the bleeding
    Gouge out my eyes, I will cry no more

    This flesh is cold
    And I feel nothing
    Without what's within
    I am only suffering

    Life crumbles around me
    The earth recoils from each footfall ...
  3. Cat put down

    Kind of kicking me while I'm down, but I just found out my cat Thelma was put down. The vet thinks she had a tumor. I'm very sad at the moment.
  4. Accute DVT

    My Pappy, went to the hospital for a Catheter of some sort and some other stuff to do with his clots in his Leg.
    He's a very active Person with some troubling genealogy.
  5. Finally, good news

    I was able to speak with my advisor today before he left for CERN, and he says he'll speak with my professors about me getting incompletes for my courses this quarter. It means a buttload of work next quarter, BUT I'm only taking 8 hours (full course load is 12 hours a quarter), and I'll be on my the meds I need to be on to function more like a normal person.