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  1. Free Humble Bundle games

    well its that time of the month again where i buy games i already own on humble bundle. so i have a steam key to give away.

    its one key with three games: Psychonauts, Stacking, and Costume Quest

    all amazing games and whoever wants them i will send them the steam key
  2. Any Reason to get more frames than your refresh rate?

    So, one thing to keep in mind about the way that I think about things is that I don't like replacing parts. If I can do anything to make my hardware last longer, I'll do it even if it means sacrificing performance.

    In Guild Wars 2, there's an option to limit your framerate to 30fps. I use that setting for two reasons: 1, Guild Wars 2 isn't exactly a high intensity game that requires you to have a high framerate to make split second decisions, and 2, my video card doesn't need to render so often in the pipeline, and so heat production is reduced, and longevity is preserved.

    In First Person Shooters, I prefer to have a framerate of about 60, to facilitate quick reactions to changing conditions. One thing I noticed while ...
  3. Free Games

    through my many humble bundle purchases i have some duplicate games left over.

    i have steam keys for Titan Quest, Warhammer 40k - dawn of war, indie game the movie, and legend of grimrock

    if anybody wants any of these just let me know
  4. Brother versus brother in the EVE Universe

    Early opinions...-battle-jpg
    I will start with a little back story for those who may not be familiar with the game of EVE. Within the game you have corporations, which are basically clans or guilds, alliances, which is a group of corporations with similar goals and interests, and coalitions, which is an unofficial friends list. Within the TPG family we have players with pilots in various alliances across the universe, but there are two main groups that live within 0.0 space, which is where the majority of PVP action takes place. In order to not divulge information that others may not want public I will only refer to players by their TPG names.

    On one hand we have the members of the LAWN alliance. This group includes myself, ...
  5. My thoughts on the travesty of the election and our political process

    Reposting from my facebook...

    Quote Originally Posted by Alundil - pre results
    Can it be Post inauguration already (regardless of outcome)? The fawning over our oligarchy, as if there's a functional difference for 90% of the populace either way, is disturbing and distracting.

    "which is the way they wants it" --points for those who get the reference

    American politics is such a shameless circus of false dilemmas between Boolean illusions. Left/Right Lib/Con Rep/Dem Yes/No On/Off Up/Down. When the insanity ends and the dust and ashes settle will anyone's life have truly changed one way other another? Or will people just rest more easily with the silly notion that their "Team" won one for the gipper?