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  1. My computer is finally complete

    So I started out with a basic Cyberpower pc $400 dollar build

    and heres where I'm finally at

    Mobo - Asus P8H61-M LX2
    Ram -8 gb
    Processor i5 intel 3.0 ghz
    HDD- 1 tb
    Power supply- Corsair gs800 - 800 watt
    DVD RW drive
    GPU- EVGA Geforce gtx 560 superclocked

    *if I'm missing anything please comment*

    but yep thats my build

    Can now run crysis 1 and 2 , guild wars 2 and BF3 on max

    So thrilled with this now..
  2. HAHAHAHA Suck it APPLE!!!

  3. Disappointed, Disenfranchised and basically unmoved

    Just an interesting note of my personal lack of attachment to most things political in nature at this point.

    In the last month or so of the High Drama/News forum I have posted in exactly two (2) serious business threads and only 3 total (contro-images, a bill maher thing and one specifically referencing me - thanks Ae hehe). This is all very un-scientifically (sp) noted by the little green carots.

    Compared to 2-3 months prior to this where almost every thread had some involvement from me to one degree or another....

    Name:  News, Politics, Religion, and Other High Drama - Mozilla Firefox_2012-09-21_14-38-17.png
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    Just an interesting thing for me (likely not for anyone else). But it shows the almost complete lack of interest I now ...
    Life , Politics
  4. A Great Song to Sum it Up

  5. Are You Driving Me Crazy??

    Hi TPG, here's another blog post I made for music. Please visit my blog to listen to this band I want to share with you. Seam is a 90s indie rock band.

    Are You Driving Me Crazy??
    Here's an album that you probably haven't heard of. Seam's Are You Driving Me Crazy? is a gem from the 90s. Here's the artwork.

    Pretty blue, i'nnit? For me, album art tends to set the tone for the music, but maybe it's the other way around. Looking at Seam's other album artwork, I can see that they're all basically monochromatic. 4 albums, each with their own color. I believe it had to be a conscious decision on Seam's part to assign the artwork ...