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  1. Toe - The Future is Now EP REVIEW

    Just a bit of writing I put together the last couple of nights. I took a stab at reviewing a great set of songs just released.
    Check out my blog if you'd like to hear more. Daydream In Harmony

    Toe – The Future Is Now EP [2012] -- 9/10
    Toe is a Japanese math rock band that has put out mostly instrumental releases. However, they’ve been known to have some songs recorded with vocals—usually Japanese and usually quite hushed and non-dominating. Instead of having traditional vocal structures implemented, toe consistently relies on their expertly orchestrated instrumentation to transport the listener to their creative world. The signature sound that toe brings is highlighted by innovative and often surprising ...
  2. Bittersweet

    I've been back on Zyprexa for a while now for my schizophrenia. It worked great in the past, but it gave me the munchies (it was like having a guy pointing a gun at my head telling me to eat); I ended up putting on 60 lb. in 2 months. Luckily, my cholesterol levels stayed well within the safe range. It was either going back onto the Zyprexa...or more severe measures.

    Luckily, the Zyprexa is working great, I don't have the munchies, and I've actually lost about 10 lb!

    The bitter part is that I pulled the plug on my BF2 subscription. All good things must come to an end, I guess.
  3. Indie Game: The Movie

    Just finished watching indie game: the movie.

    what a fantastic and beautiful look into the indie game development world. If I had to compare it to something, the closest I could think of is King of Kong. It is one of those movies that gives you a peek into a word that we really have no idea exists. After your done you cant help but feel apart of their world.

    Growing up in the Nintendo Generation, I cant help but relate to these guys, and why they do what they do. even though I know how super meat boy and braid turned out. I found myself drawn in, and pulling for their success. To get a taste of the work that goes into one of these indie games, you cant help but feel humbled for the opportunity to experience the games ...
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  4. Saving as a viable play, an exploration: CS:S

    First a quick review of the money system:

    Round won:
    $3250 always for CTs

    $300 for every kill

    Bomb plants:
    If terrorists get a bomb plant and lose, they get
    +$800 dollars, plus however much for losing

    If terrorists get a bomb plant and win with all the CT's dieing, they get:

    If terrorists plant bomb and there is a CT at the end of round, terrorists get:

    Prices of the important weapons: Ak = $2500, M4 = $3100, AWP = $4750, Deag = $650

    Second a disclaimer: I know what server rules are towards saving and idc, thats not what this post is about, the only thing I do care about are the players general attitude and opinion ...
  5. Active Team Awareness: Effectively Using The Radar as a CT

    To all the counter-strike players out there,

    I want to point out something here that I think is wrong. Apparently, many players neglect their radar and other tools that are presented to them. Especially in TPG, the radar can be used to easily identify enemy team movement and specific enemy locations. Being aware of this fact is a key to success that shouldn't be ignored--not at any time in a round. Communicating this knowledge to your team can give you an advantage over your enemy tremendously. If you're playing defense, simply calling out what you see on radar can help your team to gather the information and deduce what is going to happen next. A Counter-Terrorist team that rotates quickly when they see the bomb will find it ...