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  1. Genjutsu

    To my understanding it means both reality and illusion. From my point of view, that's the best word to describe schizophrenia. It's a constant struggle to understand what's real and what's illusion, but I realized today, for me, how to tell the difference.

    In my dreams of both day and night, while I hear sound and "feel" its vibrations, I'm the only one who ever speaks.

    In reality I speak with other people and feel/hear the sound.

    In my delusions, I speak with other people but do not feel the sounds.
  2. Various Fav's

  3. The Black Keys

  4. Some of my Favorite Songs from Tool

    Tool is one of my favorite metal and progressive rock bands, at first though, I didn't much care for them. I honestly believed Slipknot was better, heh, when you're young stupid shit seems so brilliant. As I got older my taste for music matured, and around my sophomore year of high school I started getting into Tool and have not looked back since. Hopefully you'll take a listen and enjoy these songs for yourself. Enjoy


    Good song, gotta love the intro


    This is where Tool gets progressive and starts making songs that build up as they go along.

  5. AT&T Discontinues Unlimited Data Plan due to Heavy iPhone Usage

    anyone else hear about AT&T stopping their unlimited data plan and putting a cap? at first i was really upset, but it looks like this will only apply to new users... existing users may keep their unlimited plan.

    other phone companies are expected to follow suit.,2817,2364550,00.asp

    (use google to find more links)
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