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  1. Ravaged - The next big thing?

    Summary: Ravaged has a ton of promise to be a great, well-supported Teamplay game and will be entering Beta in Spring 2012. One of the associate producers was happy to answer a bunch of questions that I sent him (see below).

    - Fast-paced multiplayer FPS with vehicles
    - Designed by a team that worked on Battlefield2 and Desert Combat
    - In-game VoIP provided by Steam at launch
    - Designed to have up to 64 players on a server
    - Pre-Order is only $25 (includes Beta access)
    - Beta in Spring 2012, Release in Summer 2012
    - Uses Valve Anti-Cheat
    - Unreal3 engine-based
    - Gameplay modes based around working as a team

    Teamplayer Gaming is always looking ...
  2. More fighting less peace?

  3. Really Big Sky Review

    I think I'm going to start including some small videos of the games I review. I'll post one for this in the comments once I get back to a computer that does better at recording.

    This review as about an indie game called "Really Big Sky." It's the sequel to a game by the same studio (Boss Baddie), "Big Sky." It's also the same game as the old one, but with quite a few more game modes. I didn't play the original, but it does have a retro game mode that's basically the old one.

    Overview: Basically, this is a bullet hell space shooter. I believe the game most like it is Gradius/R-type, two games I haven't played, so this was my first. You're in space. There are a bunch of enemies out there. Go kill ...
  4. The waiting game.

    The game that most rush. The game that many can not stand to play. The game we both decided to take with out realizing it. During this game we both realized that we both wanted the other. We realized that we were both setup to fail when i tried to make more of things. We realized the reason why we were both setup was so he could say your his, and not mine. But all he did was brush you under the carpet and didn't care about the things in your life, and cheated. He left you a mess, breaking your reputation and making a new one that was not true.

    Secretly, you kept from me that you liked me. I didn't keep it much of a secret though that i liked you. During the time we got close to each other. I helped you in the time of need and you ...
    Life , Real Life
  5. Getting over it: BF3 isn't all that bad

    I think it's safe to say a lot of us came from Battlefield 2.
    Battlefield 2 was a masterpiece in strategic, team based first person shooters. It really had everything I ever wanted. But, even when it first came out it was littered with bugs and problems. Most of us tend to forget it because the last patch that made a difference came out in 2006 (1.41) and then they were nice enough to throw the 1.5 patch at us in 2009.

    I think having 5 solid years with a wonderfully working BF2 has made us forget that some games ship 'unfinished'.

    When I first got Battlefield 3, I was wowed by the graphics and the control but a few things made me angry:
    Reduction in classes
    No Commander Mode
    no VOIP ...