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  1. CH Blog Series #2: White Widow

    Since no-one ruled out using the names, today after class I went over to Cheba Hut and got the White Widow which is describe as:

    Chicken breast smothered in our signature, home-grown ranch dressing, then topped with mushrooms, bacon & provolone cheese.
    Basically it is a chicken bacon ranch.

    Meat: This will be short as we already talked about this before, but the chicken was good as it was last time, although I noticed it a bit less then last time due to the sauce (a good thing). The bacon tasted good though it was hard to notice in the sub. The overall for this time, thanks to the extra sauce is probably around 8 out of 10.

    Sauce: This was the part I couldn't wait to write about, ...
  2. CH Blog Series #1: Terriyaki Chicken

    so I meant to put this in the first, but I couldn't find the edit post button and comments are only 1000 characters so hopefully it fits in here. Sorry for the issues xD, hopefully won't run into it again. As I said not sure if I can put the name up so we'll stick with Terriyaki Chicken. The Review:
    I've decided to split it into a few different categories. Reason for this came from thinking of my own experience with subs. A lot of it actually is due to Subway xD, where I have found that the flavor of their subs can be affected mostly by sauce and what you add to it. Subway has terrible meat (imo) but decent sauces. Anyways to the review:

    Meat: The meat in this sub is, obviously, chicken. I like Cheba Hut's chicken, it ...
  3. New Blog Series: 28 flavors of Cheba Hut

    Cheba Hut is a restaurant started in Tempe, AZ near ASU and has since grown to now having about 5 locations in Arizona, 3 (or 4) in Colorado, and opening ones in Oregon, California, New Mexico (i think they may already have one there), and Iowa (iirc). Cheba Hut is one of my favorite sub shops as they have some really good food (and the innuendo doesn't hurt :P).

    Anyways to the blog series, the Cheba hut here in Flag is doing a sort of "reward card" type thing, but it is a bit different then usual cards. In this one they have all 28 of their subs listed on the card, for each sub you get (the "flavors") you get a punch on that one. After you complete 2 sections you get a free 4" sub, after you complete ...
  4. Tomorrow is going to suck

    Not only just because I actually have to get up and do crap, but as I found out today, I managed to mangle my class schedule already in the first week xD. I missed my first class of CIS120 (some boring shit computer class), and then lost my internet connection the day before the 2nd day of class. Thus I didn't have it written down that it meets in 2 different rooms. Why is this an issue? WELL there is another class of the same class (different instructor) that meets on the same days at the same time but in different rooms. So basically I went to that class thursday xD. So now Tuesday I have to go to my original class and explaining this should be fun (especially considering I'm technically a Junior, though went to a community college for 2 ...
  5. Buffalo Wild Wings

    anyone else love that place? Have one right down the street now and it is awesome. 60 cent boneless wings on Thursday, yum . If you do like it, what are your favorite sauces?

    My favorite is the mango habanero sauce. After that probably the Asian Zing, then Honey BBQ.