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  1. More fighting less peace?

  2. Excellent quotes.

    Quote Originally Posted by ...bigdog... View Post's the person who gets on the mic, and calls the shot....
  3. Chicks

  4. Top 10 Pet Peeves of Regulars.....Wha?

    I Thought I'd go ahead and post this up. With some Limitations.........

    This thread is Courteous, Civil, and Fair!
    This Thread is not a Bash-fest or Joke-Roast of another player.
    This Thread is to promote Better Gaming through team play.

    Do NOT Post Names.
    Do NOT Post Screen shots with players names.

    Hopefully We will read these posts with a grain of Salt, Take in to consideration our own Play-styles and Adapt or Evolve.

    EDIT ***** I was going to put this in the BC2 Forum, But I figured I wouldn't Risk the Debacle *****
  5. DLC and me

    I'm only posting this out of disgust.

    i stopped by Micro Center a few moments ago with the intent of buying BF2 (to replace my scratched disks, and buy a new headset w/mic. I got the mic and hit the gaming center. I love Microcenter by the way, they have the best at a great price, for "In your hand now" type of consumering. What I didn't find was a copy of BF2. BLAM!!! IDEA!!! Two Isles over are USB flash drives, A Retail; employee and a marketing department could run amok with this idea but hey, its free her today, Run over to the Flash memory isle grab a two gig drive, Patch it up to the Lan/t1 I assume, Have the customer enter their stuff and ring em up for a flash drive........

    Automated ...
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