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  1. What is a leader?

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    I have been playing Counter-Strike in one form or fashion for almost 8 years. In that 8 years, I have played on countless servers, been in numerous clans, and have come in contact with what I’m sure is an unimaginable number of players. In all that time I had never experienced anything like my first visit to Team Player Gaming and their CS:S server.

    I don’t remember exactly when it was that I stumbled upon the server, or what brought me there in the first place. All I really did know was that . . . something was different here. I remember thinking, “Why is this person telling the team what to do every round? And . . . why are we all listening!” It soon became abundantly clear to me why everyone was doing as this person said.
  2. Rattler's CSS Thought of the Week

    Shoot, Move, Communicate.

    Consider it.

    It can be very advantageous in CSS not be seen in the same place twice, sometimes even between one single shot and the next. Consider this tactic especially if you are outnumbered, or in a possible clutch situation. Never assume that if you see and fire at your opponent, and he sees and fires at you, that you can re-peak him and will come out on top, even if you are a dead-eye shot. Rather, assume he will move, throw a nade where he saw you, or tell his teammates EXACTLY where you are so they can shoot at you as well. Use this tactic against him, use the elements of surprise and confusion, and use your mic to tell YOUR teammates exactly where you see the enemy.