• Zombie Digest: Chapter 27

    Case File: II45894-036
    Classification Level: Classified - Clearance Level 9
    Case Subject: "Infection" Incident - Documentation.
    Case File Note: The following is a collection of notes and journals obtained from survivors of the "Infection" Incident of three years ago. The Journals have been broken down by entry in order to better document the chronology of the event.

    Begin Case File Twenty-seventh Entry

    Case Subject: Allane

    Jan 28th...

    I don't think it'll be easy to put the past day in words... All of it happened so quickly... so brutally. Some creature took the life of Ficet and Chloe. We cremated them last night... Poor souls, I hope they find peace in death.

    This creature was no ordinary creature as Walkerxes defined him. He looks exactly like a regular human, yet his eyes are pure black, and he has almost supernatural abilites (similar to the hunter). The amazing fact is that he's able to retain his human appearance, but have the attributes of the infected. He's almost like a new strain of infected. Not a tank, witch, smoker, boomer, or hunter... Something different.

    All I can recall of the event is Ficet tripping on a piece of wood from a dilapidated building and falling onto one of those cars with the alarm still working. Obviously, it attracted the horde. Apparently the creature was waiting for us to screw up, and take advantage of the confusion. I didn't have much ammo left, but I emptied as many clips as I could into the horde. The creature then tackled Ficet, bringing him to the ground. We yelled out his name, but the horde was still coming, so I couldn't do anything to help. The creature then came back for another round, but this time, to kill Ficet... After I saw his lifeless body, I emptied as many clips as I could until I ran out of ammo. I almost panicked until I remembered the kitchen knife that I took from the restaurant back in the city. Man, that was such a long time ago... Anyway, I covered Potemkines back for a couple seconds before the creature struck AGAIN. This time he was aiming for Chloe, and he, from what Walkerxes told me, bashed her jaw so hard it was shattered, then he went for the kill. The last of the horde bore down on us as she died. Walkerxes attended to the last two bodies as we cleaned up the last of them. I broke my knife in one of the zombies somewhere along the end.

    We mourned the loss of two of the greatest people we had met... But we still had to move. Pote and I carried Chloe, while Walkerxes carried Ficet. We found some apartment building and laid the two to their final rests in a bedroom. We did so with a cremation. As we walked out of the building, I felt the greatest sorrow I had ever felt in my life. To lose two of the people I've loved so much... It was almost too much for me. However, I remembered a family saying of ours, "Learn from the hardships, and arise from them stronger than you were before" It's a saying that's gotten me through even the darkest times of my life.

    That creature will get what's coming to him. Karma plays both ways. We killed so many of the horde, and the horde got its revenge. That creature killed Ficet and Chloe, we shall repay their deaths twofold, and we will kill him.

    Until then, we need to press on. When we meet the creature again, we will not fall for his tricks again. From our encounter with him, we now know to expect the unexpected.

    On another note, early this month there was a smoker that was following us. He always stayed just out of sight, and just out of reach. Walkerxes claims to have heard him "speak" several times, though he couldn't understand what it was saying.

    Things seem to be changing.


    Case Subject: Jonathon Vale

    Jonathon Vale lead Scientist in the Human weapon project

    Recording 1


    I'll be keeping the important events of the human weapon recorded here for future hearing. We've known for a long time how the human brain and body functions but recent brake troughs in science abroad have shown us ways to manipulate both the body and mind to make them stronger better and faster. Of course stronger humans mean a stronger army so the military wants me and my crack team of scientist to develop something with our new found knowledge that will make a better soldier.

    I don't care about making the military stronger or better but this project intrigues me to no end so I couldn't turn them down. The first stages of the project begin tomorrow and I'm very excited to see what comes of it all.



    Case Subject: Potemkine

    What date is it? Who gives a fuck?

    Why did it have to be them? They were so young. They had the rest of their lives to live....god fucking damn it.

    Why wasn't it me and not her? Fucking hell. If It wasn't for Allane and Walker I think I might just let go and put a bullet in my head.

    Right now I am watching her body burn to make sure she doesn't rise from the dead. The only thing going through my mind is revenge. The need for revenge. The lust to commit genocide in retribution.

    Cold, ice fucking cold revenge. It is a dish best served cold. Now if only we could find some ammo. We are almost out. I need vengeance. I can almost feel the last bits of humanity escaping me as I watch Chloe and Ficet burn. I feel.....nothing.


    Case Subject: LuckyDucky


    Case Subject: Ruukil

    Feb 5th

    I have been here for a short time now and I've noticed this place is amazing. They have food, shelter, ammunition, clothing, everything. I'm dressed like a soldier, treated like a soldier, and have to act like a soldier. People are learning my name and welcome me. Some of the people here, like my new squad leader, are great people. His name is Mike and he is one of those army special forces guys. He makes sure anyone whom they find alive gets trained and put into a squad.

    I'm due to go out on a patrol in the next few days or so. We're supposed to go around the perimeter of 'the safe zone' and kill a few Z's before searching a house or two and returning home. Apparently the safe zone gets larger and larger as they clear more areas. What is also good is the plan to create another wall around the current safe zone and make this place even safer.

    They gave me my guns back too, apparently I have one of the few guns that carry my type of ammo on the base so I get all I need, or rather, want.


    Case Subject: Walkerxes

    Audio Entry:

    Jan 29th.

    It's do or die time. We've located a well-provisioned safehouse. Or at least it's food stores are well stocked. There's some decent ammo and first aid stores, but nothing great, and no weapons. It's enough though. There's running electricity and a small ice-chest.

    So we're going to camp out in here for as long as possible and let Pote's ankle get the rest it requires to possibly heal. I hope it is not too late, but at the very least, even if it's never 100% again, it will hopefully eliminate his need for the crutch and make him somewhat more combat effective.

    So this is what we will do.

    Because after this, its all or nothing.

    That thing, or something else, has been leaving messages in blood for us to find. I say for us to find, because it calls us out by NAME. The words of the messages varies, but the message is clear. It wants us dead. It is trying to demoralize us.. and at first it may have worked.

    But rage has taken over. Rage at the loss of our loved ones, rage at the loss of our friends, rage at the loss of our past lives... and rage at the loss of Ficet and Chloe.



    February 1st.

    It's my birthday today. I don't care. I've got bigger fish to fry.

    My phone rang earlier, it was my brother.. maybe calling to wish me happy birthday or to let me know he's still alive. I let it go to voicemail.. I cannot be distracted by that now. He called, so I know he's alive. That is enough. I have bigger fish to fry.

    Allane has the knife that used to be Ficet's. He sharpens it constantly.

    Potes ankle is slightly improved. The swelling was bad, so fluid filled that it ran the risk of compartment syndrome, if it wasn't already there. So I made an incision on the underside of his ankle, from heel to the start of his calf, over the Achilles Tendon in order to relieve the pressure and allow fluid to drain so the circulation to his foot doesn't get totally cut off. I used the knife Allane keeps honed to a razor edge, sterilized by flame.

    Pote's ankle needs to hurry and heal. I've got bigger fish to fry.


    Feb 3rd.

    It improves. The swelling has gone down. The pain is receding.. at least in his ankle. The pain behind his eyes remains raw and focussed. He hones it to an edged rage as Allane hones Ficet's knife.

    Me.. I wait.



    End Case File Entry

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