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    This is a list of the most common Terrorist calls, on the most common map, in CS:S. Hopefully this will help those of you either new to CS:S, or new to CS:S on TTP. Use the map as your guide as you follow along. Also note that A site is often called A flat as well. Planting for long means you plant as far 'southeast' on A site that you can, and planting for short means planting on the 'northwest' area of the site.

    Straight calls

    Split A: Probably the most common call in the game. This call is relatively simple, half the team will go long A through the double doors, and the other half will go short A. Some key points to remember: If you are going long, flash over the wall from the car outside long to long A. Also, once you get to long A do not sit in pit. You need to push up long A, so you can cover CT spawn for rotators from B. It is best to smoke the crosswalk from long A to A site, so CTs near B can't pick you off when you cross. From T spawn, you need to smoke the double doors at mid, so that those going short do not get picked off.

    Rush B: Probably the second most common call in the game. Everyone on the team will rush through B tunnels to B site. The only exception is that you will usually want one T to count the number of CTs crossing mid. If the counter calls out that a CT, or multiple CTs, are coming from lower, then only ONE T should turn to attack them. Typically it is the second or third player in line. Nothing kills a team like getting trapped in B tunnels.

    All short: Everyone flash over long, smoke mid, then go short to A, and plant for long.

    Mid to B: One or two smokes need to be thrown on the double doors (not more as people get lost in the smoke) and you must toss a few flashes over long to get the CTs calling an A rush. Around two people push along catwalk and kill the CTs holding short A, then everyone pushes through the double doors and heads up to B. I recommend not sending anyone up B Tuns as the CTs holding B will often rotate through the tunnels to T spawn, or up short, leaving the site completely empty and letting the Ts get the bomb planted, before the other CTs get the call straightened out.

    Slow play: This does not mean sit around with your thumb up your butt. The real reason for this call is to trap overaggressive CTs. Spread out, hold choke points, don't peek, and make them come to you. Do not sit on T Ramp, or the flat ground between T ramp and T spawn where the CTs can see you from B tunnels. You want them to push outside of B, so you can kill them.

    Single fake calls

    Flash long, lower B to B: In this call, the goal is to convince the CTs that you are splitting long and short so they rotate out of B. Everyone on the team moves toward long A, throws a flash over, then takes mid to lower B, then into B site. You will need to smoke the double doors at mid at the start of the round to keep from getting picked off trying to get to lower B. Another similar call is flash long, then rush through mid to B. This works well if the CTs in B are rotating through lower, instead of back to CT spawn.

    Lower B to short A: All but one player rush into B tunnels, flash or nade into B site, then take the lower tunnels through mid to short A. The one player that did not go B tunnels sits on T side of long A to keep CTs from pushing through long, and killing everyone at short. One key tip is to throw nades from lower B to short A to wound/kill the CTs there.

    Fake B, bomb long A: All but three Ts rush B. The other three players, including the bomb, wait in T spawn (there is an A on the wall above the W in the picture above) for the CTs to rotate to B. Once they do, those three push long A and plant.

    Fake A, bomb B: All but three Ts rush A, either all long, or split. The other three players, including the bomb, wait in outside B for the CTs to rotate to A. Once they do those three push B and plant. Do not peak B or make any noise.

    Fake short: Smoke mid, everyone flash and nade short, then jump off cat and go lower B tunnels to B

    Split B: Top three and bomb outside of B. One smoke mid, everyone else flash long, flash short, then mid to B. The bomb team goes straight in to B when the flash team gets to mid.

    "The Hitch": Smoke mid, everyone throw One flash over long and stay outside of long a for ~10-20 seconds. Then throw second flash over long A and rush long.

    "The Scrum": Slow play two in lower B tunnels, two in upper B tunnels, one counter, and everyone else covering mid and long A double doors. Smoke double doors after a few picks and everyone quietly walks short A.

    Multi-fake calls

    Around the world: This is the fake for the Flash long, lower B to B call. You still flash long, go lower B, but instead of taking B site, you rotate through T spawn and go long A.

    Lower B to short A, but delay bomb to B: All but four players rush into B tunnels, flash or nade into B site, then take the lower tunnels through mid to short A. One of the players that did not go B tunnels sits on T side of long A to keep CTs from pushing through long, and killing everyone at short. The bomb, and two other players, sit outside tunnels waiting for the CTs to rotate to A, then those three go to B and plant. One key tip is do not peak, and do not make any noise outside B.
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      Hitch -
      I'm blushing...Gosh, I did not know that anyone remembered my twisted calls.

      Thanks for the ego boost! Now my head is sooo big, I'll need to borrow Scrum's neck brace, when he is through with it, to hold it up.

      BTW, the call is a 25-35 sec delay on "repeat-to-LA"...this call is a spoof on the AK-shuffle (is this VIC-Mackey/Brandon's calll?)