• 2142 Terms for the Newcomer

    Attachment 128So you've finally decided to give that 2142 game a try. You bought the game, installed it, patched it, perhaps even bought the Northern Strike expansion for it. Perhaps you've played other BattlefieldTM series games before, perhaps this is your first time. After the sometimes arduous process of installing and patching, you finally fire up the game. You set up your account and create a soldier. You, of course, connect to TeamPlayerGaming, and being the teamplayer that you are, you join up in a squad. You're geared up to go, figuring you'll ask for some pointers along the way, when all of a sudden, you hear what seems like a foreign language issuing forth over VOIP. Your squad mates are saying things you've never heard before, telling you to do things you'd dearly love to do, if only you understood what the F*#& they were talking about.

    Believe me, most of us have been there.

    So with the help of some of our knowledgeable TPG regulars, I've put together some terminology that a newer 2142er may not be familiar with:

    NS = Northern Strike expansion to 2142

    Vehicles/Fixed Weapons:
    Attachment 42AA = Fixed AA gun.
    APC = Armored Personel Carrier.
    FAV = "Fast Attack Vehicle." A three-seat, highly mobile deathtrap. Essentially a small jeep.
    Goliath = Giant APC on steroids in some NS maps. Mobile spawn point, with lots of guns which moves at a snail's pace and requires quite a bit to kill.
    Gunship = 2142's attack air vehicle.. cross between an Attack Chopper (bf2) and a Jet
    Rorsch = Fixed Anti-Armor gun.
    -Rail Gun = Alternate name for the Fixed Anti-armor gun.
    Speeder = A two-person NS vehicle (driver and gunner).. a cross between some strange motorcycle and a hover sled. Equipped with TV missile.
    Transport = Flying troop transport vehicle.. like a Blackhawk with a bit of b-52 thrown in.
    -Fat Dragon = Slang term for the Transport.
    Walker = That really big metal monstrosity on 2 legs, that's probably laying waste to the area you were just in, until you froze like a deer in headlights and it killed you.

    Attachment 43APM = "Anti-Personnel Mines", essentially claymores.
    Beacon = Squad Beacon - placed spawn point (equipped by the Squad Leader) for squad members, takes the place of spawning on the Squad Leader.
    Defib = Shock paddles, Assault Kit unlock
    Drone, Gun Drone = Squad leader asset unlock. There are two types. One acts as a sentry, targeting and firing on enemy infantry that comes within range. The other acting as IDS (Infantry Detection Sonar) Marking any enemy infantry in its range on the mini map as a red dot.
    EMP = Orbital EMP strike (Commander asset), the term "EMP", refers to "Electro Magnetic Pulse", which will render anything mechanical immobile (as far as game dynamics are concerned).
    EMP Missiles = Anti-Air EMP missiles fired from the fixed AA guns and the seat 2 of the Walker, both are alt-fire (right click).
    EMP Mines = An unlock for the Engineer
    EMP Grenades = An unlock for the Support kit
    EMP Grenades (APC) = alt-fire (right click) for seat one of the APC (driver). Primary fire (left click) is a machine gun.
    Mine Bait = NS upgrade for the engineer, draws enemy rollies to it and explodes them.
    Motion Mines, Rollers, Rollies, Roller Mines = Engineer Unlock. AT mines with a twist.. They will activate and follow an enemy vehicle that passes within range.
    Orbital Strike = Artillery (Commander asset)
    Pilum = Engineer AT "sniper" gun, only fires a straight line, is more accurate the longer you zoom, doesn't set off vehicle's lock-on alarms.
    RDX = C4, Recon Unlock
    RDX Shotgun = Fires Explosives in an arc at a target. Can be used on Vehicles and infantry alike. The fired explosive sticks to any surface (Including vehicles, not including infantry.) And explodes after a set amount of time. The explosives are RDX, but do less damage than the RDX from the Recon Kit.
    SAAW = Engineer AA gun
    SAT Track: Commander Asset. Similar to the "Scan" of BF2. The SAT Track will do a once-over pass, putting up red markers on the Command Screen for the Commander to see enemy movement.
    Sentry Gun = Unlock for the Support kit. Usually deployed to protect certain avenues of attack, the Sentry will scan the area in front of it, until and enemy infantry comes within range, at which point it opens fire. It requires no ammo, and can fire continuously forever. It can be destroyed by enemy fire.
    Sonar = Infantry sonar, unlock for the support kit.
    Vehicle Sonar = Engineer unlock, similar to Sonar, but only detects vehicles.

    Attachment 44EMP lock = A tactic using the Support Kit EMP Grenades to effectively immobilize an enemy armor asset (APC, Tank or Walker), allowing and Engineer or a Recon (with RDX) to safely get into position to take the asset down.
    Driving like AK = Referencing the driving "skills" of the player AK99. The term is used to describe someone who has the propensity to crash/overturn all manner of vehicles when driving them.
    Dusting = The act of running over infantry and touching the top of enemy vehicles (including aircraft) with the bottom of your aircraft, typically an air transport. The aircraft must survive for this to be successful. If the aircraft does not survive, it ceases to be "dusting" and becomes "ramming".
    Jihad Jeep/Jihadi Tactics = The act of placing RDX on an FAV ("jeep") and using said vehicle to rush at an enemy armor asset, jumping out and detonating the RDX as the empty vehicle hits the asset, thus destroying the asset. Alternately, the act of ramming a Transport into an armor asset to destroy it (Jihadi Tactics, AKA "ramming").
    Mad Maxing = Using an FAV as an a general AT vehicle by using an assault driver (healing), a support second seat passenger (supplies and Infantry Sonar), and an Engineer 3rd seat passenger (for deploying roller mine fields, vehicle sonar). The AA version sees the Engineer using the SAAW.
    Pilum Tactic = The act of using the Pilum to destroy the corridor 3 and 4 shields in order to overload and destroy the lower corridor Consoles. Requires 13 hits per shield.
    Pod out = Leave the Transport, Titan or the APC via a drop pod. To Pod from a Transport, simply hit "e" while in the air (from the ground you'll just exit it). Via the APC, you'll not be able to pod from seat 1 (driver) or seat 2 (main gunner), but from seat 3 and back, you can. Simply right click to pod, "e" key will cause you to exit normally. From the Titan, find the pods on either side of the Hangar Bay, enter using "e", aim in the direction you want to go, and left or right click to launch.
    Rezzing = The act of using the Defib to Revive a fallen team mate.
    Spawn Green = On the kit screen, the Squad Leader/Squad Beacon spawn point will appear as a green dot. "Spawn Green" is the SL's way of saying "Spawn on me, spawn with the squad."
    Spawn White = On the kit screen, all spawnable points (flag locations, silos, Titan, and in Titan mode, APCs and Transports) that are not the SL or the SB will appear as white dots.
    Titan Teabagging = The act of dropping your roller mines on the enemy titan shield (over the Hanger Bay). Rollers will activate and destroy air assets attempting to launch.
    Turbo = FAVs and Walkers both have turbo/run, same as the sprint key (shift key is default)

    Titan Specific:
    Attachment 45Cargo Bay = Located in the middle-to-rear of the Titan. Holds access to all four Corridors and the Core.
    Consoles = One of four destructible points on the Titan. Can be destroyed by most weapons, but most effectively with RDX or a Pilum.
    Core = The final destruction point on the inside of the Titan. Can only be entered and destroyed after all four Consoles have been eliminated.
    Corridor = One of four hallways in the Titan, each containing a Console.
    Deck(s) = Located at the rear of the Titan. Able to be landed on by enemy Transports once the Titan's shields are down.
    Hanger Bay = Located at the "front" of the Titan. The spawn area on the friendly titan. Both people and air assets spawn here. Also holds the Titan's Pods and the cannons (Hard Points).
    Hanger Bay Shield = A indestructible shield that protects the Hanger Bay from attack. Can be passed through by friendlies.
    Hard Point = One of the fixed guns (either the Air-to-Ground cannons or Air-to-Air guns) on the Titan.
    Shields, Corridor = Protect the upper corridors (3 and 4) from entry. Shields remain up until the lower Consoles (1 and 2) are destroyed. Can be passed through by friendlies.
    Shields, Titan = Protect the Titan from enemies by making it unable to be boarded. Capture Silos to damage the shields and take them down. Can be passed through by friendlies.
    Silos = Capture points in Titan mode, replace the "flag" of conquest mode. There are 5 Silos.
    Vents = Accessible by the upper Deck. Alternate access to the enemy titan Cargo bay. There are two vents, one on each side of the Titan.

    The more you familiarize yourself with these words and phrases, the better you'll understand what's being asked of you, what's coming after you, and, most of all, what the heck is going on. In turn, your 2142 game experience will be all the more enjoyable and rewarding.


    "Driving like AK" image taken by laggyNgroovy
    All other images taken by me on the Texas ...Teamplayers... Match Server.
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      "Spawning Purple" has also become a coined term for Squad Leader/Beacon spawning as often heard from Brink, Firedog, or Pappy