• Basic Tactics 2: The New Infected

    Fresh look-4_15_11_09_4_58_07-jpgFor those of us that played Versus Mode in L4D, the Special Infected (SI) tactics pretty much became second nature. For those new to the L4D experience, read up on the original SI tactics here; the advice is still sound. But for the rest of us, let's take a look at the three additional classes of SI in L4D2 and go over some basic tactics. Now, when I say "basic," I mean just that, BASIC. The tactics of how you play the Infected team always varies on the situation. However, let these basic pointers guide your path.

    The focus of the new SI is very similar to the focus of the Smoker: divide, confuse, and hamper forward movement... all the while doing damage. Each, however, has their own method and technique of doing so.

    Fresh look-3705_19_11_09_6_01_23-pngThe Spitter
    Fresh look-3705_19_11_09_6_03_10-pngOf the three, she has the most potentially damaging attack. The amount of health per second she does rivals that of even the Tank. The key is knowing when to strike, and how to hit the target.

    You might say the Spitter is the Boomer's bastard, inbred cousin. She spits goo at the Survivors, much like the Boomer; she is easily killed, much like the Boomer; when she dies, she leaves a splat of goo behind for unwary Survivors, much like the Boomer; and she's disgustingly ugly, much like the Boomer. That's where the similarities end.

    Where the Boomer is a medium to short range attacker, the Spitter is a medium to long range attacker. Her goo is, in fact, acid, which lands in a puddle at her target's feet. When killed, she doesn't pop, like the Boomer, but she does leave a puddle behind that does damage if stepped in.

    Her strongest use is for "turtled up" Survivors. Those who have hidden themselves in a small room or corner to fight off Common Infected (CI) hordes. In fact, in concert with a Boomer, this can be a very handy tactic; let the Boomer hit, and when they get mobbed by the horde and can't move, hit with the Spitter. Another good tactic is to spit on a downed Survivor as the others are preparing to assist them.

    Keep in mind, when at shorter ranges, you will have to aim LOWER than your target, as the spit wants to fly far. You can also bank the shot off of walls or ceilings, but be careful, as it will also bounce off any CI in your way if they are too close and in the path of the glob.

    Fresh look-3705_19_11_09_6_07_01-pngThe Jockey
    Fresh look-3705_19_11_09_11_43_41-pngBy far the most amusing of the three new classes. This little bastard will have you laughing in malicious glee every time you pull off a successful maneuver.

    I like to call him Hunter Jr. While his technique is vastly different, he has a similar concept: jump on the targeted Survivor. That's where the similarity ends, though. He is faster, weaker and doesn't have the jumping range of a Hunter. In fact, his attack is essentially a jump, similar to using the Spacebar. You will need to be close to your target to jump on them, so wait for a distraction--or a separated Survivor--and spawn as close as possible. You're not as loud as some of the others, but a vigorous sneeze will kill you, so be wary.

    Once you've hit your target, use your controlls to steer them where you will. Splitting your target farther from their group is never a bad idea, especially if you're pulling them back from their forward motion. You might try steering them off the edge of a precipice. If you have a Boomer laying in wait, you might steer them within puking range. Steering them into Spitter acid is always nice. Use your imagination and the sky is the limit.

    And laugh, laugh hard.

    Fresh look-3705_19_11_09_6_08_58-pngThe Charger
    Fresh look-3705_19_11_09_6_10_32-pngThis guy is Tank Lite. Not nearly as strong, and his heath is only slightly better than a Hunter, but he is still a powerful creature.

    His attack will strike and carry off the first person he hits... and will knock back anyone else in his path of travel. When I say knock back, I mean a good solid hit will send a Survivor flying as far as a good tank punch or more. While the initial hit on a secondary target (any one you hit AFTER the one you grab) doesn't appear to do any initial damage, physics still apply, and if they fall from a height or fly far enough, they'll take fall damage. Plus they get back up slowly, giving you time to do your follow-through attack on the Survivor you grabbed: slamming them into the ground repeatedly until either they, or you, are dead.

    Try to find yourself a clear path, however, as a particularly stiff blade of grass can interrupt your charge, and you take about as long as a spent Smoker tongue to recharge your attack. If you find yourself in the situation where you have missed your hit and have come to a stop in the midst of the Survivors, don't fret. You've likely staggered the close ones briefly, and you still have a powerful Popeye arm at your disposal. Start using your secondary attack (right mouse button) and swing away, trying to target the red or yellow Survivors. While your punch doesn't do the severe damage of a Tank, your hit does the most damage per strike of any of the lesser SI.

    The Old and the New
    The group tactics can vary greatly depending on which SI's are available at the time, the environment, and the position of the Survivors. Be creative, and most importantly, coordinate with your team. There will be times when you may use one of the new ones, much as a Smoker, to cause a distraction for a Boomer. Or you might wait for a Boom to launch a Spit attack. You may take a quick opportunity to ride a separated Survivor off into the sunset, screaming "HIIIIYOOO SILLLLVVVVERRRR!"

    Whatever you do be ready, think fast, and coordinate. The rest is just fine tuning.
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      Very good pointers. I'll be sure to use all of them!