• Tapatalk app for droid, iphone, and blackberry installed on TeamPlayer Gaming

    Fuck this-tpg_logo_16x9-pngBrowse and post on the forums in style. It'a a $2.99 app (free version let's you login and read, just not post).

    100% worth it. An ideal way to use the forums on a smart phone. Profile access. Avatars and friends. All sorts of functions missing from the text based versions.

    Worth it.

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    1. BigHub's Avatar
      BigHub -
      Great app. Mine is for the Motorola Droid and was bought off of the Android Market.

      ...bigdog... was right, again, it is the best $2.99 I've ever spent. I use it daily, it's fast, and it's reliable.

      5 Stars.
    1. ...bigdog...'s Avatar
      ...bigdog... -
      I messaged the developer (since we're a "forum owner"), asking him to add functiosn for blogs, articles, etc. There's even a way we can add ads to it....but I don't think we will.
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      ...bigdog... -
      cool...I made that comment in the forum post of this article, and it showed up here.
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      ***COMMANDER*** -
      I love it. I got mine from the recommendation from the tpg link that popped up when I used my phone to access teamplayergaming.

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    1. Bane's Avatar
      Bane -
      Well if I had a smartphone (with internet access) i'd totally think about dropping 3 bux for this.