• Youngin's and TexasTeamPlayers

    I figured it would be like every multiplayer videogame. I expected insults such as: “Hey Rudy, go play Hello Kitty. This is big boy business.” I was wrong. I heard “Hey Rudy, we can see you’re new, good try though!” This is TexasTeamPlayers through a kid’s eyes.

    This is my story. Not just a history, but how TTP has actually changed parts of my life.

    So I’m a “youngin” as we Texan’s call it. Counter Strike: Source was my first shooting game. I picked it up in the middle of November. (2007) Yeah, I know, I missed “the good ol’ days” of 1.6. The night I installed CS:S, I was clueless as to which server out of 10,000 I should join. I scrolled down the list, patiently. I saw “…Texas…Teamplayers CS:S Top5” and called my friend up (he just bought the game as well) and said “Hey dude! I found a Texas server!” So we joined, and entered the dreaded loading screen. It took about…10 minutes to download the map, navigation file, and mp3’s. The map was de_inferno, and the server was pretty full. I figured we should go spectator for one round to watch how other people play. I watched Pimp Trizkit. My friend watched VaFaSkillz. (We had NO idea who these guys were.) We saw them throwing flashbangs, poppin’ people like it was their real job. We said “HA! We have all the time In the world to practice this game, and look how easy it is!” …

    And then we picked teams, and we were doing really well! Until we saw an enemy, which instantly destroyed us as we tried to aim at him. This confusion continued for about an hour until we gave up after our scores were 0-20. We hit the sack, and the next day, logged on once again and tried our hands at it. I had a desktop microphone, but I tried my best to use it ONLY when necessary. Why? Because I was afraid the 9 deep voices I heard would tell me to shut up. At this point I was playing terrorist on de_piranesi, and my friend was playing counter-terrorist. I could not call him, not because I had no clue of TTP rules about ghosting, but because I was trying to listen to the game and my team. Anyways, lucky me, I had the bomb on the second round. It was an A rush, and I went by radar, and tried. I died near the site after being flashed multiple times. I expected to be flamed when my teammates began to die, but a friendly voice from RePo simply said “Rudy, we notice you’re new, but good try, good try.” I was sitting at the desk and leaned over, paused, and said “Thanks..” I was informed about the regular server, added the IP, etc.

    So, I began trying. For two weeks, I paid close attention to EVERY map and EVERY spot and EVERY route of objective, common rotation, etc. Quite frankly I sucked. Worst score on every map. But, I was trying, and beginning to feel confident, but also more afraid that they would want this “youngin” off the server, because his voice, and his lack of skill. Now here comes the life section. I was one of those “world of warcraft” kids, who had friends, but they were a little embarrassed of me in public when I tried to explain that a Druid’s flying ability was much better than an epic flyer. When I got into CS:S, and TTP, I began talking about shootin’ games. They introduced me to Halo3, started chillin’ at their houses, playing Guitar Hero. So then…I wanted an xbox for Christmas. I got it. Therefore I put TTP on hold for a bit; until March, when I was back for a month and then put it back on hold to finish the school year. June rolled around, and CS:S became top priority. I became more confident, which made me a little better. I made more friends, which helped the confidence. I made more forum posts, probably at least 5 per day. (Not much compared to Civil and some others, but I was trying.) By the end of the month, I was proud to say I joined REBORN, learned a ton about computer hardware, and had 30 more friends on the steam list. I also bought Team Fortress 2, and have become a regular and a proud Reservist on it.

    TexasTeamPlayers has made me “one of the guys” simply by jumping me out of the WoW phase. TexasTeamPlayers has made me a better computer user. TexasTeamPlayers has made me confident to talk on the internet, regardless of my age. TexasTeamPlayers has made me a gamer.

    Some of you may be asking “How old can this kid really be, he’s a Reservist, a regular, and actually taking the time to write an article?”

    I’m not even 14.

    So as you can see, from my perspective, why TexasTeamPlayers is the most mature, friendly, tactical, and overall BEST gaming community the world will ever see. You guys saw my efforts without paying too much mind to my voice. Many of you became fairly good friends with me. Some of you gave me advice. Some of you even purchased or gave me computer games or hardware! Speaking of which, I would like to give a very big thank you to LadyMischief, for putting up with me and talking to me about games, or my dramatic life, and being one of my first TTP friends. And also Scrum, who was generous enough to send me his old graphics card instead of eBaying it, or saving it for parts.

    Thank you to all who made this community what it is. You keep out the trash, expand everyday, allow all ages to participate, and will continue to. “Sukka free since 2005”

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