• The purpose of clans on TPG (at least mine).

    Many have asked if TTP is a clan, and the answer is always absolutely not. TTP is a gaming community of like minded teamplayers that happens to host 20 clans at the time of this writing. If all, or at least the vast majority, of the TTP members are like minded teamplayers why is there a need for clans within the community? I decided to tackle the task of answering that question. My answer will be skewed by the only clan I have ever been a part of.

    First, I will start by saying that Source game clans are a bit different than EA/other game clans. Source clans usually get together to scrim and participate in leagues, ladders, and matches. Most of TTP's CS:S clans are currently in a league, have been in a league in the past, or have plans to at least consider a league in the future. Leagues do exist for EA/other games, but due to limitations on game type and size are less frequented by TTP clans.

    So if there is little desire for competition outside of CS:S what is the need for clans? I guess I will explain why I helped to found a BF2 clan here at TTP. When I first arrived at TTP there were 2 clans that primarily played BF2. I considered applying for one, and actually did apply for the other because I enjoyed the camaraderie they showed while on the battlefield. After about a week of my "trial" period I decided to withdraw my application because I felt my clan affiliation prevented me from gaming with my non-clan friends on TTP. The clan I applied to, PHX, is still here gaming as always, but the other's leadership was DooMed to fail and fell out of favor with TTP. When they did it felt as though it left a vacuum that needed to be filled. To help fill this void, and provide alternative options for BF2 players {HRD} was founded by 5 TTP BF2 llifers.

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    Why the need for the clan in the first place? My take on it is that it is my part of TTP. I have worked for a couple of major global corporations, and I always wanted my department to be the best in the store, my store to be the best in the region, my region to be the best in the state, and so on. I have this same feeling about TTP, and {HRD}. I love when someone says how much they enjoyed working with members of {HRD} to accomplish a common objective on the battlefield. I also love when people say they never really considered joining a clan until they saw {HRD} on the battlefield.

    Attachment 165My goal as a clan member and leader is to promote the the core values of teamplay that TTP was founded on. Squad up, use your mic, and play as a team. By following this simple strategy {HRD} has grown from 5 members to 23 in 8 months. We try to lead the charge of growth by both purchasing reserved slots, and promoting them through suggestion and contests. We all stand on the fact that we are TTP first, and clan second. I know if any position within TTP required me to cut ties with my clan as hard as it would be it would not take more than a second to make that decision, and I know many of my clanmates feel the same way.

    We do have rivalries with other clans, especially those that are rooted in BF2 as we are. I view them almost like brotherly love. I can pick on IRON, SsT, or PHX, but if any non-family member were to ever try I would also be the first to step in the fight on their behalf. If any of these competitions between clans were to step beyond that and into something serious, or potentially damaging to TTP my clan days would probably end.

    Attachment 166If wearing a tag helps those on the server to recognize me, and my mates, and decide that they need to visit the site to find out more about these guys then my first goal has been accomplished. If our suggestion to current and future members to get a reserved slot encourages them to do so, and in doing so helps TTP pay the bills, then my second goal is accomplished. If my branching out to new TTP games, and encouraging my clanmates to do the same and purchase reserved slots for those games as well then my third goal is accomplished.

    My view is same tag, different tag, or no tag at all if you can squad up, use your mic, and play as a team then you are welcome to play with me. That is the TTP way after all.
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