• Medic means TEAMPLAYER

    I know this has been talked about before. I know its a subject that can easily be brushed under the rug. It seems as soon as the pyro achievement pack came out, the medics DROPPED. We still need Medics!

    - "We need a medic!" If I had a dollar for every time I heard that I would be rich. There is no point in saying it, if someone wanted to go medic they would. Since you feel the team needs a medic enough to speak about it, SWITCH! Yes sometimes it goes overlooked, but honestly, is being medic that bad? You will score LOTS of points and Help your team win. Everyone loves the medic! How many other classes have a button to call them? None.

    - A team with no medic is a loosing team. Simple as that, yes you can win, but your whole team will be running from spawn a whole lot more. There are many ways to attack this. You can run around and heal everyone, sticking to people when you can, or you can hang back a little bit, around corners and just heal those who call for you.

    - A medic on defense is almost as important as offense. You can hold the opposing team back if you do not have to run for health all the time. If you let them advance, that is ground you ca not make back up (unless you have an uber medic). Hold the line behind a strong class and just keep healing them, if you can heal more then 1 person at a time you can create a wall of people to hide behind and not even be hurt!

    - A good medic will almost always be on top of the board (unless burn is playing heavy). A crappy medic will still place decently on the team. The medic is the backbone of every tactical op in TF2. A push isn't a push without a medic. A single sentry on a push with no medics will likely take the team out. If you can medic on a demo/heavy/soldier you can take down the sentry without even blowing an uber!

    - Medic is my second most play time class to date (behind engee). Its fun! Nothing like just scoring points for giving someone a quick heal while they spam some rockets / stickies / whatever. A nice stab with the ubersaw is very rewarding. Not only can you take someone down, you personally benefit from it. When the medic is happy, the team is happy! Building uber is the second most important thing a medic does. Keeping people alive is the big one, but other than that just build your uber. Even if you are getting health from a dispenser, heal the engee, build the uber. If you just spawned, heal whoever is running the same way you are. As a medic your medi gun should never be off unless your healing yourself, or retreating.

    - Mix it up! If you notice that someone has been playing medic round after round, map after map, due to lack of other medics. Mention to them that you will take over for a couple rounds, more often than not they will choose to stay medic, but it really gives someone a boost to know that they are appreciated and the job they are doing is a tuff one. If you don't like playing medic you still should from time to time. Everyone has a least played class, but the medic should NOT be it.

    - In a very close game, almost 100% of the time a good Medic or two will make all of the difference. "If the other team cant kill you, they tend to loose" - _Burn_. This is what it is all about folks, a close game that you can be the deciding force in! Sure you are mid pack pyro, killing and helping the team. You can easily go from a mid pack pyro to a top of the heap medic quickly and help win the game for your team! What is easier and better than that?

    - Remember that you really do not even need to be in the line of fire. Hide behind the Huge guy!? Or even the small guy! Human shield FTW! - DJ Mr. White / Arreo. As a medic your health is crucial, seek shelter, and know where you can pick up health packs. If you are a decent medic your team shouldn't need them if you are going for it.

    - A single medic will really boost the team up! The only thing that is better is ANOTHER MEDIC! When you have all the important classes filled, the first to double up should be medic (or engee depending on the map). Three medics can work, but the ideal number (IMO) for TTP is two. That way you can make BIGGER pushes! Medics NEED to heal each other. When you know someone isn't going to die or taking fire at the moment, the first you should boost back up to 150% is the other medic. Then worry about the others.

    I guess I would just like to see more people willing to raise a hand and say "I want to win, I dont care how we do it, lets just get it done, and get it done NOW!!" Being a medic is the best way to say "Im here to play TTP style."

    To all the medics out there, and to those who will switch without thinking twice, I salute you, you are the definition of TEAMPLAYER.
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