• General Guide to Unlocks in 2142 - Support.

    So, you're new to the 2142 scene, or you've been in it a while and could use a bit of guiding. Well thanks to the help of the TTP community, here is a 4-part guide to unlocks. Every class will be covered, and every unlock will be covered in detail to help you make those decisions upon ranking up.

    Support: The general purpose of this class is to provide covering fire VIA Light Machine Guns, and resupplying your team. The various unlocks can change the priorities of this class though.

    Tree 1 (left hand tree)
    EMP Grenades
    NetBat Helmet Upgrade
    ADS-1 Sentry Gun
    Weapon Unlock: Ganz Heavy Machine Gun
    Northern Strike Unlock: Infantry Sonar

    Tree 2 (Right Hand tree)
    Portable Personal Shield
    Advanced Ammo Hub
    Handheld Infantry Scanner
    Weapon Unlock: Clark-15B Shotgun
    Northern Strike unlock: Clark 12 RDX launcher

    EMP Grenades: Very useful for a first unlock if you chose that ladder. Releases an EM charge on impact on any surface. It will disable any vehicle, no matter the complexity, for 3 full seconds, rendering it unable to move, or activate Active Defense (AKA the "Shields"). Can also disturb hostile and friendly infantry's HUDs. Advanced tactics can be used to render the ADS-1 Sentry Gun harmless for a few seconds, allowing a teammate to take out the turret.

    Portable Personal Shield: Slightly less useful as a first unlock, but nice nonetheless. This shield will block all small arms fire. It is reputed to take up to 200 bullets, depending on the weapon. ALL VEHICLE WEAPONRY WILL PENETRATE THIS SHIELD. When deploying this shield, you can also place it on some boxes, thus extending the height or width of your cover. You can pull nasty tricks with this little shield on the Titan as well, blocking corridors so that it takes a couple more seconds for the enemy to reach your consoles.

    NetBat Helmet Upgrade: As with most of the NetBat upgrades, they don't affect your gameplay in major ways. If an enemy recon uses Active Camouflage, this enables you to spot them, and place a red diamond on him on the 3D battlefield (Only displayed to squadmates).

    Advanced Ammo Hub: Much like the Advanced Medical Hub, you get increased Ammo recharging, and ammo recharges faster. Your box also comes back faster. Very self explanatory and nice to have.

    ADS-1 Sentry Gun: A handy little unlock. This deployable, portable, reclaimable, reusable sentry gun will provide you with unsurpassed firing volume, effectively able to pin a single target. Does not work well against full squads, can only target one target at once, and stays firing at that target until it dissapears, then scans for another target. It only has a 60 or 70 degree frontal-cone scanning zone, so it's prone to flanking. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but get caught in the open long enough and you'll be shredded, as these little guys fire a TON of bullets. It has not been determined how it has so much ammunition.

    Handheld Infantry Scanner: An unlock that is easily replaced by the IDS-1 Infantry Sonar. Anything with a pulse in a 100m, 180 degree range in front of you is tagged with a red diamond. This includes Squad Beacons and infantry. Sonars are ignored by the device, and anyone inside a vehicle is effectively "immune" to the tagging. Only displays this information to your squadmates.

    Ganz Heavy Machine Gun: (120 round Box) The first of three weapon unlocks for the Support Class. The Ganz, like the name says, is a Heavy Machine gun, and thus has less ammunition, and a lower fire rate, but it does much more damage with slightly improved accuracy. Be careful with this HMG, it will overheat very quickly, so fire it in bursts, or face yourself overheating in combat. A target can be taken down in a few seconds, depending on how long you've fired it. All Machine Guns except mounted ones gain accuracy as you fire them, instead of the standard loss of accuracy.

    Clark-15B Shotgun: (7 shell revolver style magazine, semi-automatic Combat Shotgun) Claimed by many as the "Holy Grail" of the Support class. Unlike all other weapons, the Clark 15 has a fixed accuracy, mobile or not. Lethal and nimble firing at close range, this weapon dominates in Close Quarters Combat. One shot from this shotgun will usually kill your target, two at point blank always gaurantees you a kill. Reloading does not take very long, so reload as often as you wish.

    Infantry Sonar: The most useful unlock to come to the Support Class. When placed, it sends out a circular sonar signal much like the UAV, but smaller. Any targets will appear as a red dot on YOUR TEAM'S (yes, not just your squad, your entire team's) minimap. Very useful on Offense or Defense. This should always be in your kit selection if you get it. Place these things everywhere you can (limit two out at a time). You can always pick it back up and place it elsewhere. It takes about 20 seconds to resupply yourself with one of these things, which can mean the difference between being wasted by the entire enemy team, or alerting your team to the enemy team's locations.ESSENTIAL UNLOCK

    Clark-12 RDX launcher: (4 explosive sticky gobs of RDX, revolver style reload) More affectionately known as the "Confetti Launcher", for it's purportedly pitiful damage and explosion radius. To most players it feels like they're "Launching Confetti" at their targets, rather than powerful sticky explosives. The usefulness of this unlock is debatable. The RDX it fires is capable of taking out Motion Mines, RDX, and APMs. Note: it takes 2 to destroy any of the aforementioned explosives. Using this against infrantry is not advised, as a grenade will do the job better. The RDX fired has a small explosion radius, and even one in your face will only bring you down to maybe 20 health if you just had 100.

    And that concludes the Support Class.
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