• What does it mean to be a TeamPlayer at TPG?

    To be a team player in the TeamPlayer Gaming servers means to use your mic and to communicate with your team. If you don't have a mic, get one. Without proper communication, your fellow team players will not look forward to playing with you.

    Most of you have seen over on the tele-text “If you don’t have a Mic, get one.” It brings up a point that communicating is important when it comes to TeamPlayer Gaming. A big part of TeamPlayer Gaming is based off of communication; it’s also true for the real world. You need to communicate with your boss, or teachers. If you don’t you get fired or you fail in your class. If you can communicate you’re in good shape, but are you truly TeamPlayer Gaming team player material? Do you think you should be known as a team player?

    In any of the TeamPlayer Gaming servers, team work is required. If it’s just you and some other person on your team, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t communicate. No matter how many people are in the server, from 2- 40, communicate with them and work together. When your team wants to win a game or round so badly, listen to what they have to say. Here’s an example, you’re on TeamPlayer Gaming Battlefield 2142 server. And you’re on Titan game mode and your team wants you to help destroy the reactor core to win the game. Listen to what they have for a strategy. Anything that might sound a little retarded to you, just might work. Any ideas just might help you win. And with ideas come team work. And team work is valuable.

    You all have heard this old saying from first grade “Work together as a team; there is no I in team.” Those are some powerful words when you consider team work. Team work means you and your team know each other. You know your strengths and weaknesses and knowing that could do some good in a game. If you are working independently, think again about what could happen if you and your team work together. Think all the possible winning that could happen. Your team could be known as the M.V.P Team of TeamPlayer Gaming Now, that not might be an award or anything but its good to know that you played with your team well and you worked together. Another thing that makes a team player, what they are is character.

    Team play builds character while in the game. If you do well your team will look forward to play with you later on. Having good character creates you. With good character, people will know who you are and know that they can count on you for leadership. If you do badly, they don’t want to see you again. Say for instance that you’re on TeamPlayer Gaming Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (no longer active) server and your doing Head Quarters, Search and Destroy or even Team Death Match. You’re doing really well, your communication to your team is the best they have ever seen above all others. What you were just doing was building character. You built a reputation for good leadership, and/or communication skills. So what if you’re last on the scoreboard or got a low kills to death ratio, you communicated with your team and they won/lost. That’s what matters and that’s what makes a team player, a TeamPlayer.
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