• Are you spending too much?

    As some of you heavy gamers know, having the best gear in your computer is good. The better the equipment, the better the game experience is. But do you have the syndrome of spending too much? Do you always have to have the best out there?

    The definition of the "syndrome" is: Always getting the newest product out on the market. When ever you find something you like, you just got to have it even if you are in debt or donít have enough money. Nothing will stop you. Not the calls from the bank, your wife/husband, or your family. To stop this maybe you need some of my advice to help you.

    My advice to stop the downward spiral of buying too much is that you need to put your money to good use. To start things off on the right foot, you got to pay your bills off, and if you have debt, you will also have to pay that off, too. After that, you also need to put spending limits on certain things, such as parts for your rig or something else aside from electronics. The best way on how not to spend so much is to use budgets. Say for instance, you found a new video card that you got to have. The right thing to do is put some money aside that you have left over from previous things, such as bills, car payments and that pizza you bought on Wednesday. When you use spending limits, you find youíre self in a much better position.

    With a budget in mind, think of another good thing that can happen to you if you donít spend so much. What I mean is credit, good credit. With a good credit score, you have the opportunity to buy that house youíve always wanted or that new car. With a bad credit score, your chances of a new house or new car are much smaller. Another cool thing that good credit scores can do for you is getting a good job. Having a good credit score can either give you a raise, or a better paying job. With a better paying job, your life is a lot better. Now on that note, take some more of my advice to help you.

    Say youíre on a part website and you find a new and improved processor thatís 3.0 Ghz and a quad core. You know you will have such a good experience with it, that when you are about to buy, it dawns on you. ďI need to save some cash for this before I buy it. So, should I wait till the price drops or save up extra money that I have left over?Ē Either way its better than buying it when the price is at itís highest, or you know it wont be a good thing with no cash. Make the right choice, and donít go down the wrong pathway.

    With my advice in mind, make sure you know what and how much youíre about to spend on things before you make a mistake. Make the right choice to use your money the right way.
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