• Who I am, why I知 here, and why I plan to stay

    This article is an introduction to myself and why I not only stopped in Texas Teamplayers (now TeamPlayer Gaming), but have decided to stay and support the site and its servers. It might give some insight to the reasons we have such loyal players across so many servers and games. And in the end you might learn something about a form of gaming that is grossly absent from the internet these days.

    My name is Eric. Those of you that play Battlefield 2 and to a lesser extent Battlefield 2142 would know me as Kanati8869. Unfortunately that also gives away my age. So yes, I am indeed creeping increasingly faster towards the inevitable 堵eezer title. I知 generally a quiet individual and don稚 like the public eye. So while I may be {HRD}, I知 nothing like a few of our more exuberant forum posters. So it is with a mild bit of trepidation that I now turn to penning this article. You can blame Walkerxes for that along with his haranguing of Adsartha to also put me to task.

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    I have played every Battlefield game since the day the 1942 demo for Wake Island came out in August of 2002. From that day I have been horribly addicted to the game play of these great first person shooters. They致e always had the prospect for amazing team play. And there have been some great examples of this over the years. The pinnacle of which, I thought, was when I was in a 1942 clan. It was great, but eventually Battlefield: Vietnam came out and I moved on to that and the clan went its own way as well. I played that until Battlefield 2 came out. This was going to be so much better. They even included in-game VOX so that people didn稚 have to rely on external teamspeak or similar servers. But the more the games evolved, the less I found them be team play oriented. I picked up Battlefield 2142 and things were both better, and so much worse.

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    I watched the games evolve. I watched graphics get better. I watched game play get better. But I watched the community and people playing the games get more disorganized. I watched servers deteriorate as their administrators neglected them. Hackers started showing up more often and getting banned less so. I watched the squad/commander relationship become a portion of the game that was relegated to the dusty corners where people throw their old socks that have holes in them. The team play elements that I thought were so great in those heady days of clan membership those years ago were more and more-so becoming forgotten parts of the game. Every person ran for their own spot on the map. Fights among team members broke out for who would have the jets, choppers, and armor. Team switchers would wait until they saw which team was going to win and then switch, to pad their stats. Many a day was seen where a server I was playing on would have no squads at all created, and at times not even a commander. Or if there was a commander, he was using the artillery to blow the crap out of the people on his own team that were hogging the airpower. Simply so he could do so himself.
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    I quit playing the Battlefield series. And to tell the truth, I practically stopped playing computer games entirely. The sorry state of the piece of gaming that I exposed myself to dismayed me to no end and I no longer felt it was worth my time to play.

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    Then One day while sitting in a hotel room in Dodge City, Kansas on a business trip, I happened to watch a movie I hadn稚 seen in many years. Hamburger Hill. And it got me to thinking 的 should break out Battlefield: Vietnam when I get home. That was a pretty damn good game. When I returned from my trip I did just that. And while I still saw the same type of behavior, I was once again enthralled with the battlefield games. I played in the Vietnam era for a while and couldn稚 resist breaking out Battlefield 2 again.

    At that point I had decided that I was going to be playing these games again for a while at least. So I figured I would start looking for a 塗ome server. One that I could hop on and at least have an idea of who I was playing against. I repeatedly thought I had found a decent server. I would hop on one with a good population only to find out that the ping was unreliable. So I would move on to another and find a great ping, but low population. Or I would find one that had a great population and as great of a ping, but they would have ridiculous restrictions on what could or couldn稚 be done. The game was made one way and the server admins wanted to place artificial limits through arbitrary rules stating that you could only attack an uncap if it was a blue moon, and only with a knife, or running over another player in a jeep was punishable by being placed in the Mashtuur prison for 3 rounds.

    But then I found a server that I liked, had good ping, a population that I needed to wait for an open spot That would change later when I purchased a reserved slot so I wouldn't have to wait any more. But in the meantime I hopped on Texas Teamplayers BF2 Ranked. No artificial rules? Awesome. This could be the one. And what I found next blew me away:

    I joined a squad led by someone who now belongs to a great clan, [IRON]. Mister Elkhartadam immediately was on the microphone which was a surprise on it痴 own. That was a rarity I was unaccustomed to. Rarely would I even hear the in-game chatter of 哲o Sir and 添ou got it, let alone someone actually on the microphone talking to people. I was immediately inundated with not only microphone chatter, but real, honest to goodness orders to the squad he led. 滴old spawn on my orders! What was this!? And even more amazing than having a squad leader that knew what he was doing, knew what he wanted, and communicated it to his squad A squad that was doing EXACTLY what the squad leader wanted them to do. This had never happened, even back in my 1942 clan days. This was what I had been wanting from the day the game had been released. I played for hours that day and no matter where I turned I saw coordination. I saw cooperation. I saw the game the way it was designed to be played.

    This was a whole new game to me and suddenly the narrow alleyway that I had been travelling down that would have led to maybe six months of play before retiring the games again had opened up to a ten lane highway that doesn稚 have an end in sight. If I had played on Texas Teamplayers before I quit playing, it never would have happened.

    Having played on TTP for a month or two I decided that not only did I want to stick around, but I wanted to take it to the next step and join a resident clan. And boy were there a number of choices. The sheer number of them made me wince as I started looking around to decide which one I wanted to join. I figured there was probably some animosity between these diverse and numerous clans but even THERE I found TTP to be different. Not only wasn稚 there some heated rivalry between the resident clans, but they actually liked and respected each other. TTP was a family and the clans were families within that. And everyone got along and played nice when not on the field of battle. Truly I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone at this point.

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    I won稚 go into the reasoning behind why I chose {HRD} as it痴 not really relevant. I chose them and I pursued joining them. And after some ho-humming, and thumb-twiddling, and some sympathy voting for the guy that liked to wade into the enemy Rambo-like only to get killed repeatedly, they let me in. And I found that as good as the server is without being in a clan It痴 that much better IN one. The brotherhood and camaraderie I have found with my clan mates makes everything I liked about TTP in the first place that much better.

    So. That is who I am. Why I知 here. And hopefully, if you aren't already a part of TTP (now TPG), you have some insight into why you should also be here doing more than just reading this article.
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