• Team Play Missionaries

    This is the story of how one TeamPlayer Gaming resident clan attempts to spread the "gospel" of team play. This is a simple analogy, and is in no way intended to offend your religious beliefs regardless of what they may be.

    If you have ever visited a TeamPlayer Gaming server you know how valuable team play is to the admins, reservists, and regulars that frequent them. Any player that sets foot on any server is quickly indoctrinated into this style of play. Those who reject the conversion are often shown the door quite quickly. The end result is a continually expanding community of team play fanatics.

    But what about those who are not blessed enough to find the TPG servers? Should these team players be left in the dark world of "me" first servers that dominate the gaming landscape? What more can we do to help those that are lost, but would love to be found?

    The members of {HRD} decided to spread the gospel that is TPG out on the mission field. Every Monday night for the last few months we have selected a random server to "raid". We join the server, squad up, and play like a well oiled machine. Most of the time our teamwork results in our team dominating the opposition, and our members dominating the scoreboard. While this is a product of our plan it is not the ultimate goal.

    The goal was achieved on our most recent outing. We had one squad, and at some points two squads, led by and populated with {HRD} members. As our numbers began to dwindle the vacant positions were filled with other random players. Some of these players continued to join our squad round after round. Finally one commented how much they enjoyed squadding with us because we actually have mics, use them, set objectives, and accomplish them. To this slowmotionman replied that if he enjoyed this he should visit our home server at TeamPlayer Gaming.

    While we may never know for sure how many of the players we battle on these rogue servers think our style of play is stupid, or how many have seen the light only to visit us here, but regardless we will keep on trying. Even though TPG is, and always will be, our home if we can find one diamond out there in the rough our journey is worth it.
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