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    The game is set in the town Torchlight and the Ember mines beneath it. Your role is to investigate the mysterious goings on in the mines.
    That being said I'll cut to the chase. This is a cheap, Diablo clone, but that's not a bad thing. Attachment 378This RPG is fun and addicting.

    All the levels are randomly generated, and there are endless mini-dungeons that can be bought from merchants. The weapons and equipment are also all randomly generated with varying attributes and degrees of rarity.

    Weapons and equipment can all be upgraded with gems in a system like Diablo II and enchanted to improve item stats.

    The game features mouse guided movement and attack including a function for the right mouse button for a quick-use spell or skill. Further spells and skills along with items can all be added to the toolbar at the bottom of the screen for quick access using the number keys on your keyboard.

    Attachment 379As far as character customization goes, there are four attributes only (Strength, Magic, Dexterity, and Defense). All of the attributes affect the equipment and weapons you can use beyond the normal level limits. Strength affects weapons like swords and axes. Magic affects wands and staffs. Dexterity affects guns, bows, and crossbows. Defense controls how much damage your armor absorbs. Leveling up grants you five points to customize your stats with.

    The bulk of customization comes from choosing skills in the skill tree each of which can be leveled up 10 times. There are a total of 3 trees for each of the three classes. The interesting thing about the trees, though, is that you only have to level a certain amount to choose a skill higher in the tree. There's no need to buy the lower skills. In a sense, that makes things a little easier on the player albeit more fun.

    You also get to choose a pet (cat or dog) that can carry items for you doubling your normal inventory and will fight for you. Pets can also casts spells that you assign to them. If you check out the picture on the left, you can actually see a small skeleton warrior that my cat summoned to help me fight.

    Finally, once your character has leveled up enough, you can retire it and create a new character with added bonuses. The new character can make use of a shared stash in town to boot. So, all of that great loot you spent time and money getting can be transferred to the new character.

    The story...is well generic. It's conveyed using text and voice with decent voice acting but is mainly a vehicle for further dungeon fun.


    Attachment 380The graphics are cartoony. That's really the best way to describe them. They are a bit dated looking, nothing as polished as, say, Team Fortress 2, but then again, this is a $20 game. You get what you pay for.

    One nice thing is that you will actually see changes in the equipment of your character affect your appearance in game. It's a nice touch, but you won't stay zoomed in too long to notice much.

    My only gripe is the toolbar. Mainly, I wish that it were transparent as often times there will be enemies hidden by it, which gets annoying.


    The sound is all around well done. It sets an appropriate mood for the game and the various dungeons. Something that would have been nice would be for music cues for when you enter fights, but for $20, I can stomach not having that. That aside, I will note that all of the music is stored in high quality ogg format.

    Attachment 381Teamplay

    Well, it's not totally non-existent. Your pet and minions act as tanks and support most of the time. You have basic control (attack, defend, passive) over the pet's actions.

    Supposedly, once the single-player is nice and squared away, an MMO version will be in the works. That offers hope for much more teamplay, although I'm skeptical about the game as an MMO.

    Based on hopes for the future: 70/100

    Ultimately, I would say buy this game if you enjoy good old-fashioned dungeon crawlers. It's only $20 on Steam (where you can save your game on one computer and pick-up on another computer) and is madly addicting.

    System Specs

    OS: Windows XP or later
    Processor: x86-compatible 800MHz processor
    Memory: 512MB
    Graphics: DirectX-compatible 3D graphics with at least 64 MB of addressable memory
    DirectX: 9.0c
    Hard Drive: 400MB

    My specs:
    OS: Windows 7
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.60 GHz
    Memory: 4.00 GB
    Graphics: Nvidia 8600GT
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      It's nice to see a game review here at TPG!
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      Is this a brand new article or an old one that is just being brought over from TTP? I don't remember seeing it but I might have missed it.

      Great game either way. Just beat it with my Alchemist and Destroyer. Just need to go through the Shadow Vault area that opened up and try it with the Vanquisher now.
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      Oh I freaking adore this game, its so addicting and all I have is the demo. I just keep buying dungen crawls and going though them, even though im stuck at lvl 7 as a character.
      I wish i had the extra cash to buy it, no one wants to be nice and gift it to me, eh?