• Roundtable 3: Herr Döktor!

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    TF2 Roundtable 3: Herr Döktor!
    Get the skinny on what it takes to be an effective Medic for your team, as well as what it takes to be a good patient. Good medic = the team Quarterback.
    Hosts: Walker, Watsyurdeal?
    Guests: Burn, Scoot, Sketch

    Featured music - Break: Even in Death, by Oozish, Outro: The Dreadnaught, by Oozish
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    1. Walkerxes's Avatar
      Walkerxes -
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    1. Walkerxes's Avatar
      Walkerxes -
      TF2 Roundtable 3: Herr Döktor! Released!
    1. Sketch's Avatar
      Sketch -
      Bless you for your pro editing skills to make me sound moderately competent.

      Also, hang around for the funny during the musical intermission, kids.

      Thanks again for putting together these TF2 Roundtables!
    1. Walkerxes's Avatar
      Walkerxes -
      haha yeah, Sketch.. I thought I better put some of that bit in there, cuz otherwise my post-break intro wouldn't have made any sense.. lol
    1. _BuRn_'s Avatar
      _BuRn_ -
      Fun to do a pleasure to listen to! Thanks again!
    1. *Rob's Avatar
      *Rob -
      awesome as always, thanks!

      btw... i tried looking for this on itunes, but didnt see it. is it under a new podcast name or something?
    1. Walkerxes's Avatar
      Walkerxes -
      Rob, we've not yet done up the new iTunes listings.. We'll let you know when that happens
    1. Watsyurdeal?'s Avatar
      Watsyurdeal? -
      Finally got to sit and listen to this on the plane, turned out well, I need to stop "whooshing" into the mic though.