• Effectively Defending a Titan Vent

    Since the Pilum to shield tactic has been bought to light recently, I thought it would be a good idea to show some people how to hold and secure a vent over hall 1 or 2

    I have found that the best way to hold a vent is with the Recon kit. The combination of a Carbine with RDX and APMs makes it easy to set up and maintain, as long as you have a good support person in the cargo bay to keep you supplied. The Support kit can also be useful in holding a vent, but only with the shotgun.
    The following is a guide on how to hold the vent using the Recon kit.

    Setting up
    It is always better to get set up in your vent before the titan shields go down, because more often than not, there is an APC or transport just waiting to board. I have found that the best way to hold it is to have APMs set up where the attackers jump down, and the RDX set up where they enter the Cargo Bay area.

    APM Mines
    This piece of weaponry is a key part of being able to hold the vent. This should be your first line of defense against any attackers. The best place to set them up is behind the small juts that protrude from the wall, like so:

    Attachment 837
    You always want to keep them at least an inch or two behind the edge so that the enemy cannot see their death coming. It should be set up so the view when you jump down the vent is like this:

    Attachment 838
    With two APM mines deployed you can take out two of the attackers without expending much effort.

    RDX should be your second line of defense. It should be positioned so that it can take out any of the attackers that survive the APMs. I have found that it is better to deploy only one at a time in order to save the limited ammunition you have for it. I like to place mine like this:

    Attachment 839
    By placing it there it can kill anyone who is in that corridor and also anyone who is standing in the doorway.

    Positioning Yourself
    It is always best to position yourself where you will be out of the blast range of your RDX and out of the range of the shotgun. The best place is at the end of the vent where the window room is. You want to position yourself so that in the event of your APM mines and your RDX failing to take out all of the attackers, you can always pull out your Lambert Carbine and just open fire without having to worry about aiming. This can be done by making it so you can see the entire vent but are also behind cover of the wall, like so:

    Attachment 840
    This way if any attackers do break through you can whip out your Lambert and your aim will be preset to this:

    Attachment 841
    These vents can be held by only one man, but it will not hold for very long if you run out of ammo. A good support soldier is necessary for everything in 2142, and titan defense is no different. If you can set up correctly you can hold the vent but you will run out of ammo. To fix this problem you can have a support soldier throw down an ammo crate in the hall below, and thanks to EA, you will be resupplied through a wall. A support troop can also stand on top of one of the crates in the cargo bay and can hold the ammo hub or throw it into the vent, either way you get your ammo.

    I hope that this guide will help many people defend a vent more effectively as a recon soldier. More than that, I hope that I have not just used half an hour typing up something that everyone already knew how to do. Anyways, thank you for reading and good luck on the Battlefield!