• What is a leader?

    connects-tpg_logo_16x9-pngI have been playing Counter-Strike in one form or fashion for almost 8 years. In that 8 years, I have played on countless servers, been in numerous clans, and have come in contact with, what I’m sure is, an unimaginable number of players. In all that time, I had never experienced anything like my first visit to Team Player Gaming and their CS:S server.

    I don’t remember exactly when it was that I stumbled upon the server or what brought me there in the first place. All I really did know was that . . . something was different here. I remember thinking, “Why is this person telling the team what to do every round? And . . . why are we all listening!” It soon became abundantly clear to me why everyone was doing as this person said. It’s plain and simple: because it was working. We were winning, as a team, and it felt good. It became clearer to me that this person was aware of something that I was not – the combination of teamwork and leadership applied to the online game I thought I knew so well. And in a pub? I thought, “I don’t need this! I’m leet. I have been pwning for years!” Even thinking this with a certain level of frustration and resentment, I soon realized that I did not have a choice but to catch on to this different style of CS:S. I was forced to adapt my game play for the better. I was becoming what I now know to be a Teamplayer.

    Upon hearing this person giving these instructions at the beginning of each round, I immediately assumed that he was the Admin. Therefore, I followed the instructions at first, in fear of being kicked or banned. As time went on, I began to realize that there was almost always someone different making these “calls”. Could there really be that many Admins? As my play style evolved, and I became a more experienced Teamplayer, I understood the answer to my own question. Sometimes I’m sure it is an Admin making the calls, but sometimes it is not. This is the true beauty of TPG. You do not have to be an Admin to be a leader. And if it’s working, we will follow the call whether you are an Admin or not.

    Being a true leader is more than simply telling people what to do. It is giving direction, trusting your teammates, and most importantly, it’s the ability to motivate people to do their best. A true leader is not just barking orders. They are at times seeing past the obvious, because of their experience, knowledge, and skill. Remember, following the call does not mean you are less of a player, it simply means that you are a team player. Your individuality and independence are not being taken from you, they are being utilized along with the team for one purpose, a purpose that your opponent is trying to take from you: Victory.

    When it comes to leadership there are a few things to remember. At TPG, the purpose goes beyond just YOU. Leaders exist because we share a common goal. We are trying to detonate a bomb, or prevent it. We are trying to rescue hostages, or to keep them captive. If the team is running around with different plans in mind, we will never achieve success. This is where a true leader steps up. So, try making calls, devise a game plan, and work with your team to ensure the objective is accomplished.

    At some point I remember playing CS:S on the TPG server, and someone was complaining about following the leaders call in a public server. One of the other players replied with something I will never forget. He said, “This isn’t your average pub, this is TPG.” This to me, says it all. TPG has helped turn me from just someone who plays CS. It has helped transform me into a better player, a Teamplayer, and at times, a leader. And always keep in mind, at TPG, even the leader or Admin will follow the call.
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