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    Team Fortress 2 Roundtable

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    6: The Angry Scot - Walker and Watsyurdeal host the sixth TF2 Roundtable discussion with Smoke, Pimp Trizkit, Cheshire Cat, and LadyMischeif. The subject: the Demoman.

    Featured music - Break: Erased, by OozishOutro (Sentinel) by Oozish<hr/>

    5: BOOM! Headshot. - Watsyurdeal hosts the fifth TF2 Roundtable discussion with Pimp Trizkit, Thorsen, Cheshire Cat and FragRaptor. The subject: the Sniper.
    Featured music - Break: Absorber of Minds, by OozishOutro (Sentinel) by Oozish<hr/>

    4: So Solly... - Walker and Watsyurdeal host the fourth TF2 Roundtable discussion with Dynasty, Sleepy, Langrad, Thorsen and Knee Of Justice. The subject: the Soldier.

    Featured music - Break: Molotov Cocktail, by Asystole
    Outro (Sentinel) by Oozish

    3: Herr Döktor! - Walker and Watsyurdeal host the third TF2 Roundtable discussion with MF! Burn, Scoot and Sketch. The subject: the Medic.

    Featured music - Break: Even in Death, by Oozish, Outro: The Dreadnaught, by Oozish

    2: Pyromania - Dusty and Watsyurdeal host the second Roundtable discussion with Smoke, Gideon, Ruukil, and FireAtWill. Topic: the Pyro.

    Featured music - Break: Premonition, by Oozish, Outro: Sentinel, by Oozish

    1: Spies Like Us - Dusty and Walker host the first Roundtable discussion with Watsurdeal, Smoke, Cheshire Cat, and Whiskey Dod. The topic: Spies.

    Featured music - Break: Ancient, by Oozish, Outro: The Sleep, by Oozish