• Roundtable 4: So Solly...

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    Ever wonder what the difference between a "pocket" and a "roamer" is? How do you perfect the rocket jump? What are the best unlocks for the job? How do tactics differ between pub and comp? Find out here!
    Hosts: Walker, Watsyurdeal?
    Guests: Dynasty, sleepy, Langrad, Thorsen, Knee of Justice

    Featured music - Break: Molotov Cocktail, by Asystole
    Outro (Sentinel) by Oozish
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    1. Walkerxes's Avatar
      Walkerxes -
      I think Dynasty should have talked more.. he barely said anything...
    1. sleeepy's Avatar
      sleeepy -

      Rocket jump video dynasty was referring to. It's made by Jaeger, one of the top Soldiers in TF2 and goes really in depth about the mechanics of rocket jumping and techniques you can use to improve. Best of all, it's practical information and none of that useless jump map stuff where you chain 4 jumps off a wall.
    1. Knee of Justice's Avatar
      Knee of Justice -
      great editing very good information in here, especially with dynasty and sleeepy who've got that experience to share
    1. zong10's Avatar
      zong10 -
    1. *Rob's Avatar
      *Rob -
      this was awesome, thanks guys
    1. Consultant's Avatar
      Consultant -
      Only hear the first 12 min, what am I doin wrong?
    1. Dynasty's Avatar
      Dynasty -

      the AG community Deathmatch Server ip address is

      thanks for posting the Jaeger video sleeepy
    1. Walkerxes's Avatar
      Walkerxes -
      Quote Originally Posted by Consultant View Post
      Only hear the first 12 min, what am I doin wrong?
      Consultant, right click the file and save target as, then use whatever mp3 player you have installed.. sometimes the quicktime doesn't work right