• Mouse Pads... For Gaming?

    Hello, everyone! I'm not sure if you are familiar with mouse pads, but they are the little rubbery thing you sit your mouse on... wait, you mean you know what a mouse pad is? Well then, why am I explaining it then...

    Oh, right! So, during Quake-con 2010, we stumbled upon a "gaming mouse pad" company that calls themselves Artisan. Gaming mouse pad? Read on - you will not want to miss this!

    Disclaimer: I was provided with limited information to write this article with. Since the company who makes these is based out of Japan, it made it even harder to deliver accurate information about the mouse pad. In fact, the only place I could find their product for sale was on Amazon. What this means is, some information may not be entirely correct, however, all my opinions about the quality and performance of the mouse pad are completely honest.
    We Have The Technology.
    So, Artisan has provided us with three mouse pads. These pads are their next generation gear and are not available as of August 18, 2010. They call these mouse pads "KAI.g3". Artisan currently has the KAI.g2 series available, but these are not what I'll be reviewing. Let's get started!
    Either the Hyper Cloth, Ultra Hyper Cloth, or Tracking Cloth pad.Either the Hyper Cloth, Ultra Hyper Cloth, or Tracking Cloth pad.
    The KAI.g3 mouse pads are made similar to standard mouse pads, the foamy-rubbery-like base, anti-slick bottom, etc. As far as I can tell from Artisan's website, there are 4 types of mouse pads they sell: Hyper Cloth, Ultra Hyper Cloth, Tracking Cloth, and Hyper Glass Mat. Between the three pads we received, I'm going to focus on the Hyper Glass Mat, because it is freakin' amazing.

    This is coming from a guy who has never used a mouse pad in his whole gaming career. Before you say, "Then how can you give an accurate review if you've never used mouse pads before?!" Well, I lied. I have used mouse pads, I just do not care for them. Mouse pads are more a hindrance than advantage to me.

    A Glass Mouse Pad!
    When I took the Hyper Glass Mat KAI.g3 for a test run, I was immediately impressed. I was so impressed, I was upset that I had to give the pad back once I was done! The top of the pad is composed of several micro-beads of glass. The mouse glides across the surface of the pad, similar to a person sliding in socks across a hardwood floor just recently coated with orange cleaner. In other words, smooth as glass - quite literally I suppose.
    The Hyper Glass Mat with an image on it.
    You might ask, "Since this thing is made out of glass beads, how well is the recognition/accuracy?" To be blunt, perfect. The nearly frictionless mouse pad allows for extremely precise movements with the mouse, even on the highest sensitivity (although, you might want to turn it down some...). However, if you feel that a super smooth mouse pad is not your thing, the Hyper Cloth and Tracking Cloth pads work just as well.

    Basically, the Hyper Cloth and Tracking Cloth pads are topped with a cloth made of extremely small threads to provide an almost silky feeling. This increases the amount of friction on the mouse compared to the Hyper Glass (tho decreased friction compared to a conventional pad). The recognition is still perfect, it just takes more effort to move the mouse around. When I got some feed-back from Counter-Strike: Source players, they seemed to like the Hyper Cloth and Tracking Cloth pads better than the Hyper Glass pad.

    For All The Boys And Girls Out There...
    This might be nit-picky, but the mouse pads we got came in three different colors: red, black, and gray. So, without compromising the awesomeness of these pads, you can customize them too!
    Either the Hyper Cloth, Ultra Hyper Cloth, or Tracking Cloth pad.Either the Hyper Cloth, Ultra Hyper Cloth, or Tracking Cloth pad.
    Since the mouse pads were prototypes, Artisan is still trying to work out some issues with them. One issue for the Hyper Glass Mat was you could not (or rather, should not) bend or crease the pad, as it would tear it apart. I do not know about you, but I do not go around gnawing on my mouse pads or anything, so this was not a big deal for me. As for the Hyper Cloth and Tracking Cloth pads, I was not told of any restrictions for those.

    As for a conclusion, I give these pads a 10/10 on the awesome scale. The KAI.g3 improved my aim for the short time that I had them (you might think I'm joking, but I'm dead serious) and I will grab one for my own as soon as possible. I will more than likely get the Hyper Glass Mat, because it is so smooth.

    Well, I hope this review has helped you decide whether you want the coolest mouse pad to-be, or if you wanna be stuck in lame-land forever.

    Happy Gaming!
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    1. Toker's Avatar
      Toker -
      I'll check em out...

      I really really like Func pads...

    1. supercarl1's Avatar
      supercarl1 -
      Another GREAT review! I'll have to purchase one when they hit the market. I did try these at Quake Con and was impressed by the smooth action and the fast response.
    1. Captain Coors's Avatar
      Captain Coors -
      Interesting, too bad they don't have an online store with good pictures and details though.

      http://www.puretrak.com/ also makes some very nice cloth pads if you are a cloth person.
    1. BIGAG's Avatar
      BIGAG -
      Ya'll don't understand.....these glassmat's are legit. Fucking AMAAZZING. The mouse just glides over the surface with ZERO resistance. You touch your mouse and it glides....

      Can't wait til they hit the market!
    1. Walkerxes's Avatar
      Walkerxes -
      Same here. Once this pad is out, I intend to get one.
    1. Captain Coors's Avatar
      Captain Coors -
      That just seems too slick to me. How can you accurately control the mouse without any resistance feedback?
    1. Imisnew2's Avatar
      Imisnew2 -
      Well, as with any review, it's trusting my word. However, like I noted in the article, most CS:S players like the Hyper Cloth and Tracking Cloth pads rather than the glass mat because it had more resistance.
    1. Alundil's Avatar
      Alundil -
      This is what I use


      It's pretty big and double-sided. One side very smooth, the other has a slight texture
    1. PizzaSHARK!'s Avatar
      PizzaSHARK! -
      I hope they have a good return policy. It's probably fair to assume these mousepads will cost the same as a high-end gaming mouse (i.e. $60 or more, especially for that glass one), which means it'd be pretty sucky to order one and it not perform the way you wanted it to. Maybe a 30-day test thing or no-questions-asked 30 day return/exchange policy?

      Regardless, they seem pretty cool. I'd probably get the glass pad if only to see just how smooth the movement is.
    1. Toker's Avatar
      Toker -
      Quote Originally Posted by Alundil View Post

      It's pretty big and double-sided. One side very smooth, the other has a slight texture
      Yea most of the good gaming ones offer a multi surface pad.
    1. Shin's Avatar
      Shin -
      I missed to buy it at Quakecon, but I could bought on Amazon.
      As reviewing, so amazing mouse pad! Good glide and control. The best mouse pad ever!!
    1. flame's Avatar
      flame -
      I turned my sensitivity down a click when I tried it out. overall not a bad pad, but I am still rocking the walmart cloth pad from 10 years ago
    1. triggerhappy2005's Avatar
      triggerhappy2005 -
      Good article although gaming mouse pads are not exactly a new concept as the title would leave you to believe. As for the glass mouse pads goes, you're hand and wrist is gonna get real sweaty with that thing.
    1. Cyanide's Avatar
      Cyanide -
      I got the Razer Goliathus. Couldn't be happier.
    1. jakt's Avatar
      jakt -
      I have one of these in 2x3 feet and 3x4 feet. I'm just glad they haven't labeled it gaming pad yet, because it would easily cost $100s.

    1. ***COMMANDER***'s Avatar
      ***COMMANDER*** -
      It feels like my mouse is gliding across air without any resistance. That powerful to me. It helps my accuracy because the motion is smoother and easier for me to be consistent. It's by far a superior mouse pad to anything I have ever used. I am amazed by the technology, it's incredible.
    1. easytarget's Avatar
      easytarget -
      if they want to sell any of them in the US they'll need to do a lot better with their website, as it is, i'd never send them money based on what i found there

      these work just fine, they're quite large, and they cost a lot less:


      The Hammer Mouse Pad combined w/ the Razer DeathAdder makes for exactly the proper mixture of glide and resistance.
    1. Savage's Avatar
      Savage -
      Wow, maybe mouse pads do make a diffrence.
    1. Imisnew2's Avatar
      Imisnew2 -
      Just noticed these guys have a facebook: Artisan gaming mouse pad | Facebook and were giving away their mouse pads. The just want a simple little comment, did you like it or not? What would you change?

      If you have a facebook, go check it out. You might even get a free mouse pad!