• Roundtable 6: The Angry Scot.

    Col.Sanders (cont'd from the old website)-tf2_icon-png
    Join us in the discussion of the Demoman. Whether you prefer the traditional load-out, the "Sword and Board", or like the Scottish Resistance over the vanilla Sticky gun, you won't want to miss this topic.
    Hosts: Walkerxes, Watsyurdeal?
    Guests: Pimp Trizkit, Smoke, Cheshire Cat, LadyMischeif

    DownloadFeatured music - Break: Erased, by Oozish
    Outro (Sentinel) by Oozish
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    1. Sketch's Avatar
      Sketch -
      Pro tips!

      Demo to me has always been a case of having powerful and versatile weapons yet rather weak short-range personal defense. Played alone, he can be a frustrating class at times. Teamed up with a Medic or pocketed in a blob of players, though, and you can really wreck shop with him.

      Also, Pimp's kid represents!

      Thanks for the podcast.