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    MF ESEA-Open Playoffs Hype Article!

    TPG’s very own, home-grown TF2 clan has made it into the ESEA-Open season 7 playoffs! What better way to celebrate and build hype than by thanking the TPG community for the support throughout the season. Our team has been one of the most spectated in open, and we know that there is no way we would have as many spectators if it wasn’t for TPG.Big thanks to those who watched our matches and supported us throughout the season. Knowing that we have a large number of spectators watching our matches makes a huge difference in our confidence for the match. We have had a lot of really close games this season and if you haven’t tuned in yet then you need to make it a point to do so for our playoff run! We think its totally possible to have 40 viewers for our playoff matches – lets make it happen!

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    These viewer counts are not possible without TPG support <3, But I know we can do better!

    ESEA – O Season 7 Playoffs
    The playoffs are double elimination, and the complete bracket breakdown can be found here: Schedule
    The prize purse for the playoffs is as follows:

    • 1st place: $600
    • 2nd place: $270
    • 3rd place: $210
    • 4th place: $120

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    A tough playoff schedule awaits MF!

    The first map will be cp_coldfront, an interesting map that is rare in both 6v6 and pub TF2. Coldfront has the potential for some off classing, but most teams will stick with the standard 2 scout, 2 soldier, 1 demo and 1 medic roll-out.

    Know your enemy
    This has been the most competitive league MF! Has ever played in. Nearly all of the teams we have played have been tough and hard-fought by both sides. Accordingly, we have an incredibly tough playoffs schedule ahead of us. Nearly all of the teams in playoffs have solid rosters, and the map choice could be one of the most critical determinants of a matches outcome. Know that Team EXPLOSION and TF2 PUG NA are favorites to win it all, however at this point any team has the potential to make it to the finals. That said, the double elimination format will probably favor better teams who are more consistent, and reduce the number of fluke knockouts.

    Maximizing the fun while Spectating TF2


    Having multiple eyes on the battlefield can help point out critical kills, class/loadout changes, or positioning mistakes that you would never have noticed. If you are new to TF2 6v6 then this is especially important, because you can have someone who knows more about the 6v6 dynamics point out these things for you. Watching a match with friends or people who know the game makes it extremely fun to watch. However, I will still quickly go over the 6v6 dynamics in TF2 for those who aren’t too well-versed.
    Different maps favor different playstyles or allow for different strategies. For example cp_badlands requires break-neck speed to mid, and a single missed jump by a soldier or demo can result in an immediate forfeiture of the middle point. Whereas maps like koth_viaduct allow for standard rollouts as well as campy sniper/heavy plays behind the point. TF2 is all about positioning and game sense, so knowing how to handle every strategy, situation, and map is a big portion of what makes a team “good”.
    Basic things to look for include:

    • Are either team’s medic using kritzkrieg? Kritz is usually more risky and less used, but still very viable.
    • Does each team have the standard 2 scout, 2 soldier, 1 demo, 1 medic rollout? If not, look for how they are using the non-standard class. Pyros usually for flanking, snipers/spies for medic picks, Heavy to prevent suicide soldier bombing, engineer for preventing a back-cap.
    • Look for soldiers or scouts suiciding into the enemy medic to “force” uber. This is a very common tactic in 6v6, as forcing the other team to waste an uber when they don’t want to can win the round.
    • Look for clever sticky traps and hiding spots – not only are these fun to watch if they are successful, you can use them yourself the next time you play.

    ALSO! Be sure to enable Mutliplayer options -> Advanced -> Use advanced spectator HUD in tournament modeThis will give a nice little summary of each team’s class loadouts, health, ubercharge, and time to respawn. (Shown Below )

    Play time-specmode-jpg

    Rumors, Drama and Speculation!

    Nothing like a little drama to build anticipation for the playoffs! Only one of these rumors is somewhat founded, so I will let you all decide which one is most likely:

    • Cprice quits competitive TF2 to become hatrepreneur?
    • Soldier caught speaking on tape!?
    • Hocus Pocus spends entire paycheck on keys in search of unusual hat?
    • Gonzo convinces valve to implement worms rope-swinging mechanic into TF2?
    • Captain Coors to retire after this season?
    • Kidwiththeface pings less than 200?
    • JoeCrow moves to Texas to get better ping?
    • Burn finds a new hidden source of heals that finally meets Cprice’s demand during matches?
    • Jabberwock realizes that in order to truly be a rock-climbing Canadian musician hippy you can’t play a videogame competitively?

    Play time-record-jpg

    Snapshot of the Misfits Record this season


    [The misfits] have a harmonious line up where no one person continually top frags, while another bottom frags. If you look at frags from their matches everyone on this team equally carries their load. It's the same reason that makes Spacewhales good - a solid roster where everyone knows what to do, and does it well.
    –some guy who plays TF2 and does the ESEA power rankings :-p

    The Misfits have appeared on every ESEA top 10 power rankings list this season, ranking (in order of publication) 5th, 4th, 6th, 9th, and finally settling at 5th. A solid achievement that we are proud of.

    ESEA News - Content - They're Here: Open Power Rankings
    ESEA News - Content - ESEA TF2 Open Power Rankings - Week 5
    ESEA News - Content - Week 6 TF2 Open Power Rankings
    ESEA News - Content - Week 7 TF2 Open Power Rankings
    ESEA News - Content - Week 8 TF2 Open Power Rankings

    Cprice is #1 in the league in rocket frags (And 26th in shotgun frags ):
    Burn is #1 in the league for points and ubers:

    Well, that is all for my little write-up here. Hopefully I have convinced/hyped you to watch our ESEA playoff run and also give you the tools to make that experience as fun and interesting as possible.

    The First match is Tuesday at 9PM Central, we will post the STV info on our steam group, as well as in this thread, as well as via steam messenger. Come support TPG's resident clan Misfits! by watching our ESEA Playoff Run!


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    1. Arreo's Avatar
      Arreo -
      Woooo! I'll be watching you guys as much as possible!

      Best of luck and I hope you guys sweep the competition away!
    1. Vexon's Avatar
      Vexon -
      What Arreo said
    1. Raush's Avatar
      Raush -
      Goodluck MF! It's been a blast watching you guys play all season long! Although I am not the greatest TF2 player in the world, I still love watching good players do what they do best. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you in the playoffs, I'll be right there watching!
    1. Mr.Expendable's Avatar
      Mr.Expendable -
      "Jabberwock realizes that in order to truly be a rock-climbing Canadian musician hippy you can’t play a videogame competitively?"
      Yall are epic!
      Damn, sorry I havent been watching latly, ill make sure to get back into spectating more this season!
    1. Watsyurdeal?'s Avatar
      Watsyurdeal? -
      Way to go guys! Keep kicking ass, show them what real teamwork is !
    1. Savage's Avatar
      Savage -
      Good Luck in the play-off's!
    1. Mobi's Avatar
      Mobi -
      I should see if TGBF would like to broadcast the game when you play they have a very good gamer cast for ESEA

      here's there link
      TGBF :: home
    1. Veovis's Avatar
      Veovis -
      Nice article, Joe.

      You guys make me jealous that I'm not still in any leagues. Good job so far and good luck with the rest of the matches. When you win, don't let Hocus spend the whole $600 on keys. I have not speced any yet but will if I am able...

      My "true rumor" vote goes to the Jabber rumor, but I have inside knowledge anyway.

      Cprice would never become a hatrepreneur, he hates hats, he told me so himself.
    1. Cheshire Cat's Avatar
      Cheshire Cat -
      What about Langrad? Isn't there a rumor about him?
    1. jabberwock's Avatar
      jabberwock -
      I think more than one of those rumors is founded on a little truth.

      My vote goes to Hoc spending a paycheck on keys, though. I don't think he's learned his lesson yet. =D
    1. jabberwock's Avatar
      jabberwock -
      Langrad will reunite with Marcus Limwald?
    1. Silent_Crow's Avatar
      Silent_Crow -
      I wont reveal which rumor is founded... But thanks for the well wishes guys- hopin to make this a fun playoff run!
    1. Captain Coors's Avatar
      Captain Coors -
      Made it through the first week - our next match is Tuesday 11/16 at 9:30 cst on cp_gullywash_imp3
    1. flame's Avatar
      flame -
      soldier caught speaking on tape... lol
      I keep telling myself I want to watch a match, if I am on tuesday night someone send me a om and remind me!