• Episode 22: Year's End

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    Howlin, Walker, Dex, Graverunner, Andy, Imisnew and Watsyurdeal talk about the games of 2010, and new releases slated to come out in 2011, as well as other various site and game updates.
    Segment 1: News - New releases of 2011 (Brink, Homefront, Ghost Recon, and more), BC2 back at TPG, Minecraft Beta releases, TF2 MannStore, and Windows 8 (the "gaming" OS??).
    Segment 2: The Games of 2010 - BC2:Viet Nam, Fallout: New Vegas, Final Fantasy, Worms Reloaded, and more.
    Segment 3: End of the year on Steam - Steam's end of the year madness sales and some of our must-buy recommendations!
    Download[WARNING: Explicit]
    Featured music - Break 1: Let it Snow, by Bit Shifter - Break 2: Up on the Housetop, by Paul Slocum
    Outro (We Are High Speed) by Saskrotch
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    1. WileECyte's Avatar
      WileECyte -
      So when are y'all going to re-enable the iTunes podcast subscription?
    1. Howlin Mad Murphy's Avatar
      Howlin Mad Murphy -
      icecoldfire knows all the magic to that, i need to catch up with him and see what we need to do
    1. Graverunner's Avatar
      Graverunner -
      Oh man, the new opening is awesome.
    1. WileECyte's Avatar
      WileECyte -
      The magic to iTunes podcasts isn't really that big of a secret. The hardest part is generating the RSS feed code. I need to get with Bunni. There's an Open Source product that is supposed to help with the generation of that code. Might make it easier on y'all.
    1. Walkerxes's Avatar
      Walkerxes -
      I think Bunni and I tried that out when we first migrated and I wasn't a fan
    1. WileECyte's Avatar
      WileECyte -
      This isn't a vB piece. It's separate.