• Roundtable 7: Engie Time.

    New BF2-tf2_icon-png
    Join us in the discussion of the Engineer. Get some placement tips from some of the more experienced Engineers on TPG. Also, some of the preferred loadouts of each, as well as debates on the pros and cons of the loadouts.
    Hosts: Walkerxes, Watsyurdeal?
    Guests: Howlin Mad Murphy, Blood n Guts, Knee of Justice

    Featured music - Break: Switch, by Oozish
    Outro (Sentinel) by Oozish
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    1. Howlin Mad Murphy's Avatar
      Howlin Mad Murphy -
      thanks for the invite wats, i had fun
    1. Watsyurdeal?'s Avatar
      Watsyurdeal? -
      No problem, I knew this would be right up your alley.
    1. Knee of Justice's Avatar
      Knee of Justice -
      yay, people get to hear my obnoxiousness
    1. Old Blood & Guts's Avatar
      Old Blood & Guts -
      first time i've done one hope it helps. was fun