• TPGer Finalist In Saxxy Awards


    That's right! Sleepy entered his replay of him blowing a soldier out of the sky with three successive rockets to the bum in the Saxxy Awards. If you haven't heard, the Saxxy Awards is a contest created by Valve to give skilled (and not-so-skilled) players the chance to win 1 million dollars! That is, if you count no monetary award as a million dollars. But I digress.

    Check out Sleepy's video right here on TPG! And once you've had the chance the soak in the best mid-air murder, go vote! However, you must own TF2 to vote. Sorry, you Counter-Strike junkies! The voting closes Monday, June 6th at 11:00am PST/2:00pm EST.

    From a novice TF2 player to someone who has probably played so much Soldier he's developed an under-bite the size of Mount Rushmore, good luck! Don't forget to go vote! Once you're done voting, head on over to this thread and congratulate Sleepy on making it to the finals!
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      Vexon -
      lol you did it!
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      Amador +JP2+ -
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      Silent_Crow -
      sick! voted
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      Interests -
      Hellz yeah, I voted