• Team Player Gaming, Quake-con, and You!

    Inferno-quake-con-pngWith Quake-con just around the corner, people are wrapping up travel plans and setting up times to hang out with friends while in Texas. Well, when making your plans, be sure to include your favorite Team-play community, Team Player Gaming!


    Wait, wait, wait... back the cheesy-train up a few miles. This is QUAKE-CON! A place filled with ginormous amounts of geeky-ness and fast food... and sometimes stuff that's more expensive than fast food... OK, so maybe I'm just cheep. The point is, TPG will be attending Quake-con again this year!

    I can see your faces now... "What?! You're coming? Where will you be at? What will you be up to? Wanna grab a beer? Maybe make out a lit-" Well, well! Don't worry, there's enough TPG to go around! Seriously though, the community here at TeamPlayerGaming has spoken up and decided to grab seats together in rows B5, B6, and B7. There will be a huge banner commemorating yours truly, embroidered with the rarest diamon- what? Apparently they changed the design on me. We'll be sporting a kick-ass TPG banner that looks something like this:


    And as if hanging out wasn't enough, TPG has also decided to host some Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2 servers at Quake-con as well! So once you find us, you can have some fun in the proverbial sun blowing up all those silly heavies! All-in-all, Team Player Gaming will be making a huge presence at Quake-con 2011.

    Whether you're a part of the community or not, be on the look-out for the TPG banner while at Quake-con this year! We're always looking for new mea- er, new Team-players!

    For more information about TPG and Quakecon, visit these threads:
    TPG and Quake-con registration
    TPG and Flight/Hotel Information (Discounts?!)
    All-around general Quake-con information

    Happy Fragging and have a good Quake-con 2011!
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    1. LAYGO's Avatar
      LAYGO -
      See you there!
    1. Gunny's Avatar
      Gunny -
    1. D23's Avatar
      D23 -
      Woo, can't wait to get there and meet all you guys (and gals) for the first time. Should be lots of fun!
    1. kANG's Avatar
      kANG -
      Its coming up fast.....should be a good time
    1. Radarrat's Avatar
      Radarrat -
      I will showing up....We need all the PR players that show up to get together!..
    1. Radarrat's Avatar
      Radarrat -
      I Have been there, done that....got a couple of T-shirts.....Now I will be at D&B's tonight to enjoy the festivities...See you all there.Radar