• Episode 27: QuakeCon is Coming (the Goose is Getting Fat)

    a confession (cont'd from the old website)-podcast_square_bevel_icon_new-pngJoin Howlin, Walker, Dusty, Andy, and IcecoldFire as they talk to special guest ...bigdog... about the upcoming QuakeCon 2011.

    Segment 1: News - TPG's Brink server and live streaming QC coverage on TPG
    Segment 2: QuakeCon - Where are we staying, where are we meeting, and what else is going on.
    Segment 3: Howli- er... Bigdog's Rant - ..in a manner of speaking...

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    Featured music - Break 1:Snoblind, by Receptors; Break 2: Hexadecimal Genome, by Bit Shifter
    Outro (We Are High Speed) by Saskrotch
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    1. flame's Avatar
      flame -
      Cant wait!!
    1. gatita_andy's Avatar
      gatita_andy -
      nice! that was quick! good job!
    1. ATEXANnHISGUN's Avatar
      It is about to be on! We are so close to Quake con time I can taste it. Great podcast.
    1. Adretheon's Avatar
      Adretheon -
      So do we still not have podcasts on a RSS feed?
    1. Howlin Mad Murphy's Avatar
      Howlin Mad Murphy -
      podcast should be on itunes now, last i checked
    1. dustyCALIBER's Avatar
      dustyCALIBER -
      Great work everyone. Thanks for getting this out so quickly.. I can't wait to see you all there. So excited!!
    1. Howlin Mad Murphy's Avatar
      Howlin Mad Murphy -
      that actually went pretty smooth in the recordings, thanks again Big for joining us
    1. Adretheon's Avatar
      Adretheon -
      Quote Originally Posted by Howlin Mad Murphy View Post
      podcast should be on itunes now, last i checked
      But I don't use Itunes
    1. Guyver's Avatar
      Guyver -
      Listening now...
    1. WileECyte's Avatar
      WileECyte -
      Actually, it looks like your iTunes feed is busted. I subscribed to the new feed for episode 26 and 27 is not showing up no matter how hard I try.
    1. Howlin Mad Murphy's Avatar
      Howlin Mad Murphy -
      i have ice looking into it, thanks for the heads up WileE