• Episode 29: Go Nuclear

    Early opinions...-podcast_square_bevel_icon_new-pngJoin Howlin, Walker, Dex, and Dusty as they talk about the Nuclear Dawn Beta and other game related topics.

    Segment 1: News - New releases and what's new with TPG.
    Segment 2: Nuclear Dawn - Plus Indy games, Source Engine and other things.
    Segment 3: Howlin's Rant - Bob Sagget and Nascar.

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    Download [WARNING: Explicit]
    Featured music - Break 1: Sketch 5: Terminator Dub, by Jonathan Doemel (Bassfly); Break 2: Hypothesis Promo, by Jonathan Doemel (Bassfly)
    Outro (We Are High Speed) by Saskrotch
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