• Episode 30: Zombiecast (Go Download Infectionator)

    RSS FEED-podcast_square_bevel_icon_new-pngJoin Howlin, Walker, Tractorpull, and Andy as they talk about all things Zombie with L4D Forums guest Alana.

    Segment 1: Zombies!! - The evolution of zombie lore and films.
    Segment 2: ZOMBIES!!!! - Zombies games old, new, and Infectionator (download it yet?).
    Segment 3: OMFG ZOMBIES!!!! - Ok, not really. Howlin rants about some stuff... and zombies.

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    Download [WARNING: Explicit]
    Featured music - Break 1: RE: Your Brains, by Jonathan Coulton; Break 2: Return of the Living Dead, by Ghoultown
    Outro (We Are High Speed) by Saskrotch
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    1. Graverunner's Avatar
      Graverunner -
      infectionator can be downloaded UNREAL!also...ghoultown...return of the living dead? Podcast throwback.
    1. Howlin Mad Murphy's Avatar
      Howlin Mad Murphy -
      yeh graverunner remembers back when tick was editing and we used ghoultown. i hopped on amazon and bought some of their albums. thats one thing i miss about tick is that he knew a lot of texas bands. P.S. update on the damn dog store. i found out monday when i came into work that they had called my employer telling them that i must be beating my dog because she did not act the same as the last time she was there. so now my employer is like "what did you do in there" looks like i need to get the damn dog whisperer to testify in court that i do not abuse my roomates damn dog.
    1. Tractorpull's Avatar
      Tractorpull -
      Now recruiting zombie biologists.....