• 2012 TPG 5v5 Tournament (CSS) Live Draft Pick

    The 5v5 draft is now over. Missed the draft? You can watch the video here. To see the finalized draft, open the article.

    To see previous recordings check out our Twitch.Tv or YouTube. To get notifications of live feeds, subscribe to our Twitter.
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    Missed the draft? Watch it here.
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    1. Coheed's Avatar
      Coheed -
      im ready!!! But what do the alts do?
    1. CivilWars's Avatar
      CivilWars -
      Quote Originally Posted by Coheed View Post
      im ready!!! But what do the alts do?
      Each captain will pick the lineups for each match based on availability.
    1. Remembering_Venice's Avatar
      Remembering_Venice -
      If anyone needs to pick up a player for any reason...I'm your missing link!!!
    1. space.cowboy's Avatar
      space.cowboy -
      Way late to the party. Tourney is over.