• Helping a Teamplayer in Need

    I'm not much of a writer. We all have our differences from time to time and some more then others. As a member that does have a family both of my own and immediate blood line I do try to take notice when someone needs a bit of help. For the most part that revolves around answering car questions people have. Not being a rich man myself and feeling the effects of a down economy I simply can not do what i use to have the capabilities to do.

    That being said I do not associate myself with much of my family line due to our personal differences. Never being one to need anything from anyone and spent many years having very few friends and many acquaintances i found myself happy with my life and enjoyed the solitude.

    One day playing a game online which i didn't actually do often i stumbled across Texas Team Players. Honestly the name struck me as a bit snooty and left me thinking the same thing i thought every time i drove thru Texas "I fucking hate Texas". However i figured they're playing a map I like so what the hell.

    I came back probably a dozen times getting my ass whipped by a bunch of joking clowns and like most I got banned for breaking the rules. Good old Keldrous made me tk him for the jet and honestly i mixed up what server i was on at the time but rules are rules. At first i wasn't worried about it and figured there were at least 500 other servers but it wasn't long before i realized those servers were not like this one. So went thru the unban process and have been here since to the chagrin of a few others.

    I've interacted in one way or another with probably 90% of the people active in this community. I've met a few face to face and even had a beer with a couple. We've had discussions of every possible venue i can think of at some point in time or another. Yes they can get heated, some are more eloquent, some are a bit long winded (what up AE and Alundil ),some are short tempered, and some lean so far to one side I'm surprised they aren't laying down but in the end it takes all kinds to make a community.

    Texas Team Players and now Team Player Gaming has not only made a community it's made an extended family. Numerous times to the point I wouldn't even want to try and add up the people of this community have offered help to those in need, offered a place to stay out of town, tried to schedule times to meet up, offered advise and opinions, and offered items they have to those that need them.

    It takes far more then a set of admins and moderators to get that kind of an accomplishment. We have for a community what are server rules try to promote. Team Players and I for one congratulate every member of this community for getting to that point without even trying. You are what you practice and I am more then confident that you exceed even that in real life. I truly wish i could have made it to Quakecon this and last year but things did not fall into place the way i needed them to. So once again I will be shooting for next year to meet some more of you all face to face.

    However right now we have once again people that things are not working out and need a bit of a pick me up. Vexon had to have one of his dog put down which is always a tragedy. Then he had one pass away directly after that. It's had to lose a pet we all know that. I've read many posts of that nature to include one of my own a dread another one of my own not to far off.

    We now have the second since I have been here that I know of for someone to have their home burn down. Thats a tough thing to over come. Nothing can turn your life upside down like the loss of your home. The things we all take for granted everyday like sitting down with your family to talk or watch a movie, having your bed to sleep in, having your clothes to get into, having your shower to get cleaned up, and the list is almost endless.

    Things you never think about make such a difference when you no longer have them. Yes life goes on but the loses are not only material they are mental. All the memories you contained in stupid worthless little trinkets gone. As a community we have always managed to come together just a bit and that speaks more about TPG then any server population could ever do.

    We care about all of our members. When something bad happens, we try to come together to help out those in need. If you can donate to Commander, please do.

    You can donate via paypal to commander@teamplayergaming.com.

    Simply go to Paypal, and log in. Navigate to the Send Money tab. Enter in the email address and the amount you wish to donate.

    Thank you for your time,
    DJ Mr. White
    Media Staff Editor
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    1. Warprosper's Avatar
      Warprosper -
      White, DG

      Thank you for posting this I had no Idea.

      Commander i'm sorry for you loss. I will get some things straightened out this week and see what I have available to give.
    1. Amador +JP2+'s Avatar
      Amador +JP2+ -
      I'm sorry to hear this. I did not know. My thoughts and prayers go out to Commander and his family.
    1. warghostmon's Avatar
      warghostmon -
      gave a little..when i get in another paycheck i think i could send 'bout 75-100.
      good luck man..