• Episode 34: QuakeCon2012 Wrap Up

    Knowing your place...-tpg_podcast_16x9-pngJoin Ab1tar, Adretheon, Dex, Flame and IcecoldFire as they talk about QuakeCon2012, the 2012 Summer Olympics and more! With a special message from Dusty...

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    *Segment 1: WhatRUDrinkin? *- WhatRUDrinkin?, Quakecon2012 Wednesday and Thursday.
    *Segment 2: QuakeCon2012 - Friday and Saturday antics and the pasta killer.
    *Segment 3: Wind down - COMMANDER needs teamplayers and the 2012 Summer Olympics.*
    Featured music - Break 1: Robot Sneakers, by Trash80; Break 2: Ava, by Trash80
    Outro (Sentinel) by Oozish

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    1. WileECyte's Avatar
      WileECyte -
      As a FYI... Dave & Busters is moving to a much larger (2-3 times as big) location 1 exit south of where it is. They took over an old movie theater and gutted it and are in the process of re-working it. So next year there will likely be more space for us to stretch our legs.
    1. Adretheon's Avatar
      Adretheon -
      I like to think they did it just for us haha
    1. flame's Avatar
      flame -
      What are you drinking? Do-oo-dit do... Did you ever imagine you just created the theme music...
    1. dustyCALIBER's Avatar
      dustyCALIBER -
      Yippie I was missed... EVERYONE show up!!!!