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    Far Cry 3

    “A vivid tale of grand proportions; get bitten by leopards, shot by pirates and attacked by Komodo dragons! Arguably the best FPS of the year”.

    Far Cry 1 is one of my fondest memories of the FPS genre. The absolutely huge open map made other games feel small and claustrophobic. Far Cry 2 was more of the same - trading lush jungles for harsh sandy dunes and rocky outposts of Africa. Both dished heady amounts of gunpowder, exploration and strategic plotting. Of course, each game had flaws. In the first, you played in the jungle, but the AI was twitchy and you wouldn't often see your assailants unless you had the forethought to “tag” them with your handy binoculars. The second, wasn't much better. They added a maddening dynamic where faulty weapons would randomly jam causing you to go from guns of glory to hiding behind a tree furiously mashing the un-jam button, cursing its realism (or the lack thereof as AI magically spots you through the dense trees adjacent)...

    This is your camera, now featuring threat detection!
    Far Cry 3 was left with some big boots to fill. Each of its older siblings featured graphics that made your jaw drop. Often you would forget the atrocities that you just committed, surveying your surroundings, bathing in their glorious VGA beauty. Far Cry 3 is beautiful with the environment detailed, yet clean, where nothing feels out of the ordinary other than that prowling leopard closing in on you (we'll come back to him - let's call him Richard Parker). Compared to Battlefield 3, the game does have a slightly cartoony air. It's not as brash as Borderlands 2 or The Walking Dead and it doesn't look realistic. However, its lighting effects are sublime. Day and night cycles transition nicely with dwindling light casting lazy shadows in the role of cover and sanctuary. The textures and details are very well done, although I did experience minor artifacts occasionally which I fear was due to my underpowered PC.

    Sitting quietly, I listened to many sounds of the jungle. Ah, the sparkling warbles of the birds and the gregarious growl of Richard Parker... Oh wait. Richard Parker is tracking me! Yes, animals are a big part of the game. You find out quickly you would be smart to tag (using your handy-dandy camera) any predatory beast, 2-legged or 4, or you may end up becoming a rare breed of 1-legged carnivores. But fear not because after offing the ever so hungry Richard Parker, you can simply gut him and wear his skin like some excitable soccer mom on a Starbucks trip. I love this dynamic of crafting in Far Cry 3. Now, I guess I've been spoiled with Skyrim's crafting, or even Minecraft's crafting, as Farcry's options fell a little flat for me. To craft a big wallet: get 2 goat skins. You need a bigger wallet: get 4 dog skins. Now, you have to upgrade your wallet again: go get 2 shark skins. You see, in most games crafting is something that makes the experience better but I found it didn't really matter to me.

    That brings me to the biggest and best part about Far Cry 3: that moment you realize you love this game but can't figure out why.

    I mean that full heartedly. I played the co-op first. Our squad ripped through 3 missions and we had an absolute blast! Then, I hopped into the single player and started playing. The game is so far fetched, the plot feels like a B movie but that's the thing... Far Cry 1 was great, they let you think you knew what was going on then BAM! Monsters in the woods. In Far Cry 2 they said, let's tell a hard hitting realistic story. For the most part they succeeded, but it lost that hilarity that was Far Cry 1. Far Cry 3 takes the best parts of both games by adding some bizarre side quests. Far Cry 3 nods at you like it has just given you the best thing ever, all while wearing a tutu.
    Multiple forms of vehicles ranging from quads to hang-gliders
    make exploring the island exciting and eventful!
    It's just so far fetched and bonkers; I love it! The main story great, but for the most part I just enjoyed the running around freely. I enjoyed the tracking and hunting aspect and the creeping into encampments to claim them-very very fun. There are too many options and you'll often end up planning attacks and procedu
    res just in case things go pete tong. And they do. Often. The weapons offer something different in the game and you'll often stand in the gun shop (there are many as long as you claim strongholds), perusing the weapons like a painter selecting a brush. A high powered brush of death.

    Stochastic events create a plethora of outcomes. You can kill quietly, using your learned “skills” (such as silent take-downs using knives and machetes) and your silenced weapons, or go loud with tremendous, explosive weapons and C4. You have a distraction ability, designed to make your life more interesting by throwing a rock to distract enemies. Although, sadly you can often lead them like sheep to the slaughter by spamming the T key with evil chuckles whilst throwing rocks as audible bait. The map contains many points of interest which often turn into side missions. So although you are slated to retrieve your family, friends and ac
    quaintances you often end up gliding through the forest with madness on your mind and murder in your veins.

    And that's the subtle magic of Far Cry. Somewhere between the drug induced scenes and the hilariously Rambo-ish feel you get playing this game, it does something special that makes you start to like, nay, love the little fella. If Far Cry were a dog, it would be a Labrador. As a drink, it's Cuba Libre. As a car, it's a Mercedes SLR Black. And as a woman, it's Kate Upton. Far Cry 3 revels in it's true nature. It doesn't try and go all realistic like certain Walking Dead mods do, making you decide if you need to drink your own urine whilst stuck in an elevator at the mall, nor does it do the Battlefield brash, realistic arcade feel either. It stands proudly saying “I'm a video game, dammit! I will be fun!”. So, if you're tired of the humdrum of copycat military shooters and Day Z is too stressful for you, take a much needed vacation and kill some color coordinated pirates.

    psychostats-2012-12-12_00019-jpgThis is Maximus Boomus wishing you some explosive gaming this winter season!

    4.5/5 On the BoomusMeter


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    1. Imisnew2's Avatar
      Imisnew2 -
      I really liked the way this read Max. You have an awesome style of writing! Although, from your story, Far Cry 1 & 2 sound more like frustratingly annoying games, with Far Cry 3 finally hitting the nail on the head.
    1. salty99's Avatar
      salty99 -
      Your writing style makes me yearn for a cup of earl grey

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    1. iLLusioN's Avatar
      iLLusioN -
      Pretty much nailed this Max. I just finished it last week and walked away feeling much the same. . Allows you to play anyway you want...be a ghost, or come in guns blazing...starting grass fires around a place and letting it burn into the town blowing up cars and barrels was pretty fun. I also had alot of fun as a ghost...taking compounds undetected can be pretty challenging and can make you do alot of thinking on some of the more difficult missions/compounds.
    1. maximusboomus's Avatar
      maximusboomus -
      Glad to hear you guys enjoyed it, there are more coming!

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    1. Glitch's Avatar
      Glitch -
      I loved Far Cry 1. One of my fav games ever. Far Cry 2 was a chore to play. Re killing the same goons every singe check point you drive through. Even if you had just been through it a little while before, and every mission requiring going through 2-6 of the stupid things. 90% of that game was trying to drive off road from point A to point B to avoid endless, sense less, repetitive combat.

      I got FC3 with my new video card. Installed it but I have yet had time to play. Looking forward to it.
    1. vafaskillz's Avatar
      vafaskillz -
      Great review! Pretty spot on with how I feel about the game.....the driving physics are awesome too....something I really enjoyed. As far as a single player is concerned, it was one of my favorite games of the year.
    1. jakt's Avatar
      jakt -
      This game was the shit!
    1. Howlin Mad Murphy's Avatar
      Howlin Mad Murphy -
      i enjoyed the hell out of this game. Even with the co-op being very linear, i still had lots of fun playing it. wished the single player was co-op.