• TPG Has New Servers Up

    psychostats-tpg_new_16x9-pngIf you haven't noticed, TeamPlayer Gaming now has three new servers: a 24 player Natural Selection 2 server, a 50 player DayZ server (currently on Chernarus), and a 32 player Chivalry server.

    DayZ is a Zombie mod of Arma II, and will soon have a standalone. It is a simulation game in the vein of Battlefield: Project Reality. TPG has a whitelisted server. Here's what you need to do to setup the game and join our server. Don't forget to read the Server Rules and Policies.

    Natural Selection 2 is a fun offspring of the multiplayer RTS and FPS genres featuring epic battles between aliens and humans. It is available on Steam. Search for "TeamPlayerGaming" in the server browser.

    Chivalry is a medieval style FPS featuring multiple classes of medieval warriors with unlockable weapons. It is a hilariously good time. Chivalry is also available on Steam. Search for "TeamPlayerGaming" in the server browser.

    psychostats-dayz_01-png psychostats-chivalry_01-png psychostats-natural_selection_2_01-png
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    1. Captain Coors's Avatar
      Captain Coors -
      chivalry kicks azz
    1. FragRaptor's Avatar
      FragRaptor -
      NATURAL SELECTION 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 22222222222222222222222222222
    1. Amador +JP2+'s Avatar
      Amador +JP2+ -
      NS2 ... wish we had this up back when it was on sale for < $10! :P
    1. DJ Ms. White's Avatar
      DJ Ms. White -
      The server was still very much a work in progress when it was on sale. Everything is running smoothly now.
    1. Alundil's Avatar
      Alundil -
      Amador - keep your eyes on it. I am sure that there'll be other Steam Sales on it periodically.