• Humble THQ Bundle Review

    It's that time again. The great people at HumbleBundle.com have released a new set of games for another round of Humble Bundle goodness. This time around? Games by THQ.

    Did you get it?
    Seven THQ games were up for grabs in this Humble Bundle. I've played through them and I'm going to give you guys a quick review of each. The Bundle also includes the expansions for Company of Heroes and a DLC for Red Faction Armageddon. If you paid more than half, you also got Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War Gold Edition, Saints Row the 3rd, and Titans Quest. Lets get started…

    Time-redfaction-jpgRed Faction: Armageddon

    What it's like: If you've played the Red Faction series
    before, then you already know. This is a 3rd person shooter, with really well built buildings that fall apart beautifully.

    • Fun game that has loads of content
    • Beautifully designed world
    • Hours of sandbox fun
    • Magnet gun

    • Taste in sandbox games
    • Storyline is lacking
    • Levels towards the end can get stale

    First off, I have to admit I'm not a fan of sandbox games for the most part. I find most of them repetitive with a bunch of pointless missions and boring storylines. However, sometimes there's a game mechanic that pulls me in enough to make the game worth playing. Armageddon had the magnet gun. This gun allows you to shoot a magnet at buildings and objects, then shoot a 2nd magnet elsewhere (normally on a bad guy). I'll let you guess what happens. Aside from the magnet gun, Armageddon is your typical 3rd person sandbox game: loads of content, mini games, side quests, and just Sandbox boredom.

    Recommendation: If you like Sandbox games or Red Faction then you'll enjoy this game. If not, you may want to skip it.


    What it's like: Imagine combining Legend of Zelda, God of War, Soul Reaver, Devil May Cry, and a pinch of Portal.

    • Fun game play with good dungeons
    • Good story with interesting characters
    • Plenty of extra items to find for extra play

    • Innovative or copy cat?
    • Controls can be clunky at times

    I was skeptical of DarkSiders at first. I heard people compare it to the Zelda series, and I find those games almost untouchable. However, when playing the game I realized what people were saying about it. The dungeon design and base game play is a lot like the Zelda series. Finding items and then using them to progress through the level and beat the boss. The fighting style is similar to God of War or the Devil My Cry games, and the story and the atmosphere is very close to that of the Soul Reaver games. Basically the game is built from the corner stones of all these game, but does that make it good? I found myself so focused on what other games it was like that I didn't think about how it made the game I was playing any better.

    Recommendation: Pick it up. The game's story and game play is worth a play through.

    Time-met10-jpgMetro 2033

    What it's like: Metro 2033 is a FPS that has a lot of potential, and there really hasn't been any games that come to mind that it compares to.

    • Beautiful looking game
    • Neat weapons
    • Gripping story
    • Can get intense

    • Story has a couple loose ends
    • Innovative gameplay falls short of amazing
    • A majority of the NPC's are just rehashes of the same people

    Metro 2033 is one of those games that could have been game of the year. It's a sad case of a game just slightly falling short of greatness. It adds a lot of really neat gameplay elements like pneumonic weapons, the bullets you use are also your currency, and stealth play. However, each of those aspect fall just short of making the game so much better. The ideas are there, and they are amazing, but they didn't run with them like they should have. With that said, the story, the narrative from the main character, and the gameplay in general is interesting enough to keep you wanting to play the game, even if the story falls short of the book, and ends up leaving you with questions.

    Recommendation: Play it if you can, there's a lot of good here, but don't get your hopes up to much. Oh and go buy the book (it's amazing).

    Time-medium_coh-jpgCompany of Heroes

    What it's like: Real time strategy game more focused on capping points than destroying a base. Think of it as a Starcraft-version of Battlefield 2 set in WW2.

    • Interesting gameplay
    • Fun campaign mode

    • Still an RTS
    • Pretty steep skill curve

    CoH is a different type of RTS game with two game modes: Annihilation, which is your typical RTS mode in which you seek out to destroy the other army; and Victory Point Control, in which your main objective is to cap strategic points for resources and to lower your opponent's "tickets." The main game strategy is very similar to the BF2 style of game play. However, CoH is still a RTS game at heart, so it'll take a little while to learn the hot keys to become fast at building your base and assigning orders to your troops. If you're familiar with RTS games then you should be fine, but if this is something new you'll take a few games to get the hang of the speed.

    Recommendation: If you're an RTS fan then this game is for you, buy it. If you're not (like me), I suggest downloading a demo, because you may like it after all (I do).

    Time-saints-jpgSaints Row the Third

    What it's like: Saints Row is another 3rd person sandbox title, in the same vein as Grand Theft Auto, but with a (nipple) twist.

    • Funny game, with funny characters
    • Not hard to pick up and play
    • Extra assassination, car theft missions
    • Plenty of side quests to keep you busy

    • Silly or stupid?
    • Felt like I was missing out

    Saints Row is a funny ass game. I typically don't like GTA clones, but Saints Row is so over the top that it makes the player want to play more. How over the top you ask? How about a shoot out in a chariot being pulled by a leather bound ball gaged man with auto-tune built into his Artificial Larynx device. Yea, it's THAT over the top, but it's so over the top that its funny. The game hardly (if ever) takes anything seriously--and that mentality makes the game stand out against normal GTA clones. My only real negative I had was that I feel like I was missing out on who these people were by starting with this game. Other than that, this game is stupid, silly fun.

    Recommendation: Play it. Love it.

    Time-warhammerdow-jpgWarhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

    What it's like: RTS game like made by the same CoH guys. Except it's more of a traditional RTS.

    • Classic
    • Easy to learn
    • Great multiplayer

    • Short single player
    • Fairly bland, not bringing to much new stuff to the table

    Warhammer 40k is the typical RTS game that most people know. It's based in the same RTS gameplay that made games like Warcraft famous. The problem is most people seem to think it doesn't bring much to the table. All-in-all, it doesn't. However, the gameplay is solid and will satisfy your needs to play a good RTS game.

    Recommendation: Play it if you're an RTS fan.

    Time-en_18__titan_quest-jpgTitan Quest

    What it's like: Diablo type dungeon crawler.

    • Solid gameplay
    • Interesting story and missions
    • Good co-op play

    • No expansion
    • Slow inventory management

    Titan Quest plays much like a Diablo RPG. In fact when it first came out, many people criticized the game for being just that, a Diablo clone. Looking past that, you have a good solid game that can compete with the likes of Diablo. The biggest downside to it is that the Humble Bundle doesn't come with the expansion Immortal Throne, which fixed bugs and the games sluggish inventory system. Get the expansion and you have yourself a well made game with plenty of areas to explore.

    Recommendation: Get it if your a fan of dungeon crawlers but also get the expansion.
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      Howlin Mad Murphy -
      haha with a "nipple" twist lol i like it. and i agree with titan quest. make sure to pick up the expansion pack. its not just extra levels they add game features that i could not live without.