• Defiance Beta Key

    TeamplayerGaming.com has beta keys for the European beta of SyFy and Trion World's Defiance third-person shooter MMO, which will launch on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC platforms. What exactly is Defiance though, and what makes it special?

    Defiance is not only the first multi-platform shooter MMO, it is also intertwined with the TV show of the same name on the SyFy TV network. What happens in the game affects what happens in the show and vice versa. The game is set on Earth 35 years in the future after alien ships crash on Earth creating a newly terraformed environment.

    Interested yet? Well, TPG will be giving away 10 keys for the beta that are good until January 20, 2013. To qualify you must be a resident of Europe, and be a member of TeamPlayerGaming.

    If you have what it takes, post in the comments of this article in exactly 10 words why you should get a key.



    To whet your appetite here's a video explaining the Defiance universe:

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    1. FragRaptor's Avatar
      FragRaptor -
      To even say that a graphical feature such as weather can influence gameplay is ignorant to the gameplay itself. This looks destined to fail...
    1. Imisnew2's Avatar
      Imisnew2 -
      I don't know, I think they were more amazed with the graphics... I think the idea of tv show + game is neat. It will be really cool to see how it turns out.
    1. Stupid N00bie's Avatar
      Stupid N00bie -
      When they talk about someone in the game world on the show, it's going to be really awkward when they say his name is 'C0ckgobbler6969'