• Humble Bundle 7 Reveiw

    The gang at the Humble Bundle have released their Humble Bundle collection 7. The group includes 9 games and a movie for your enjoyment. Here's what I thought.

    This Humble Bundle release is a little bit different than previous ones. It not only includes some good games it also comes packed with a bundle within the bundle, and a movie. Each game has it's own unique feeling and look about it, and there's was sure to be a game here for anyone. Like always, everything in the bundle can be found on steam. so if you missed out on this bundle, then you can surely get the games that look interesting to you.


    What its like: You know how in movies where they bring a camera into the dark ages and the people claim it steals your soul? Its kinda like that… but with objects, not souls.

    • Interesting picture game play
    • Generally fun puzzles that aren't to hard

    • Clunky controls
    • Game can be frustratingly difficult yet extremely easy

    It took me a little bit to figure out the point behind Snapshot, but once I got into the meat of the game it became a lovable Indie game. The concept revolves around your robot character and its ability to take pictures of the environment. In doing so he can capture objects, like blocks, for use in another area of the map. This creates some interesting platforming puzzles and keeps the game interesting with the new objects and game play elements it opens up. Unfortunately I had a frustrating time playing the game due to its fairly clunky controls.

    Recommendation: Fun little Indie game, but I wouldn't go above and beyond to search for it. It's a fun time killer for awhile, but the game itself can get boring at times.


    What its like: Closure reminded of Limbo at first. However, after playing, it I realized it was nothing like it. So I don't know what to compare it to.

    • Fun
    • Interesting artwork
    • Wonderfully deep connections with the idea of "What's beyond the darkness"

    • Difficulty?

    Closure was another interesting new title. The game uses light and dark to pave your way through the world. If the platform you are currently on get shrouded in darkness, then it stops existing. This idea throughout the game makes an interesting connection with the idea that there's nothing beyond what you see. Some of the puzzles revolve around you carrying around light balls to guide your path. This can make for some difficult puzzles that some may not enjoy.

    Recommendation: Worth a play, but there's nothing groundbreaking here. I wouldn't pay too much for it.

    Costs-binding-pngThe Binding of Isaac

    What its like: Legend of Zelda from the NES mixed with hate, sorrow, and a whole lot of messed up shit.

    • Addicting game play that will keep you coming back
    • Extra weird power-ups that keep you interested

    • Game lacks some basic instructions

    The Binding of Isaac is… really fucking strange. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. It's a really weird ass game. The game is about Isaac's adventure in his basement after his crazy mom locks him in his room after God tells her to kill him. You shoot your tears at the bad guys that consist of creepy iterations of animals and people. You gain power-ups that change your abilities and appearance, making you look more ghoulish. Aside from all the weird ass shit that's in this game, it's really fun and very challenging. Unfortunately, it doesn't explain the basic things, such as why the level and boss battle changes when I die.

    Recommendation: This is a game worth playing. For all its craziness its well worth the playthrough.

    Costs-indy-movie-jpgIndie Game: The Movie

    What it's like: Uhhh… a movie?

    I'm going to skip pros & cons for this. Despite what you may think, this is actually a movie. It's a documentary following the releases of a few very popular games. It follows the creators of Super Meatboy, Fez, and Braid. It tells their stories about growing up with games and the difficulties of making an Indie game.

    Recommendation: Worth a watch. I'm sure you can find it on Netflix, though.

    Costs-shank-jpgShank 2

    What it's like: Side-scrolling beat-em-up game.

    • Fun game play
    • Leaderboards to compare awesomeness

    • Not much story

    Shank 2 is a fun throw back to the old beat-em-up games. You hack and slash your way through the levels leaving a nicely laid blood trail behind you as you make your way to the end of the game. There's plenty of extra character skins and weapons for you to use, and the game itself is fairly long. I don't know how it fairs against the first game, since I hadn't played it, but Shank 2 as a stand alone game is fantastic.

    Recommendation: Go play this game if you liked games like Double Dragons.

    Costs-defenders-jpgDungeon Defenders

    What it's like: 3rd person tower defense game.

    • Interesting new twist on tower defense

    • Installation wasn't very user friendly

    Dungeon Defenders is a well made RPG tower defense game. It has a lovable cartoon look, an expansive collection of RPG elements, and collectibles for any gamer to enjoy. You fight your way through waves of enemies trying to secure the magic inside. After every wave you get a break to regroup with your team, set more traps, and upgrade if necessary. My only major let down was that my computer didn't install the game very well. The first time startup settings, using Stream, didn't run, so I was forced to do a work around. Other than that, the game was solid in its form.

    Recommendation: Worth the price, especially if you're into this kind of game. If you're not sure, then play the demo.

    Costs-grimrock-jpgLegend of Grimrock

    What its like: Old dungeon crawler game like Eye of the Beholder.

    • Very fun
    • Lots of areas to explore
    • Nice HD graphics with old school feel

    • Learning curve
    • Difficult

    I had lots of fun with the Legend of Grimrock. Growing up I owned Eye of the Beholder on my SNES and this game reminded me of the difficulty and fun of that game. Games like these are the kind that I personally think anyone can enjoy. However, that enjoyment comes at a price. The game has a learning curve to it if your not used to this type of game play. Switching equipment between players is dependent on where they are in the line up. Switching between weapons can be a difficult feat for those not used to it. However, there's a great sense of accomplishment when you get it all down and start engaging tougher enemies.

    Recommendation: Well worth the price of admission.

    Costs-basment-jpgThe Basement Collection

    What it's like: "Yo dawg I heard you like games, so I put a bundle in your bundle so you can game while you game."

    • Good collection of games
    • Who doesn't like more games?

    • There's a few duds in there

    The Basement Collection is a compilation of flash games made by Edmund Mcmillen. If you don't know who he is, then watch Indie Game: The Movie. He was one of the creators of Super Meat Boy; this is a collection of his babies (including the flash Meat Boy game). There's a good collection here, but every collection has its duds. This one is no different. However, you can't go wrong with the price. Free. Since it is a collection of flash games, they can all be found online for free.

    Recommendation: Do a quick Google search for the collection and you'll find links to the games. Have fun.

    Costs-offspring-jpgOffspring Fling

    What's it like: 2D puzzle platformer

    • Fun gameplay
    • Look how cute!

    • Pretty simple

    Offspring Fling is typical 2D platformer puzzle game. Your Kirby Pokιmon half-breed character has to collect its offspring to complete the level by throwing them across the level. Ok, its not that brutal but it still is kinda funny. There's not much to the gameplay, just collect your offspring and head for the door, but this game still has his moments of fun.

    Recommendation: Another good time killing puzzle game.

    Costs-cave-jpgCave Story

    What it's like: 2D platformer shooter with RPG elements.

    • Fun story
    • Fun gameplay

    • Uhhhh…

    I've noticed a trend with Humble Bundles and myself. There's always one game in the bundle that I just fall in love with. Cave Story is that game for this bundle. It has a very nice story that is reminiscent of old NES/SNES RPG games: fun Contra like gameplay and some of the most lovable characters in a game. I've yet to find any major faults in the game (or minor ones at that).

    Recommendation: You will like this game; go get it.
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    1. Howlin Mad Murphy's Avatar
      Howlin Mad Murphy -
      cave story is a fantastic game, if anybody likes any metroidvania style games (Super Metroid, Castlevania - Ecclesia..Sorrow..etc...) this game is a must get. you can play the original game for free here. Steam as well as other sources have it in a updated version which is also great. I for one own it on ds, 3ds, and pc. a fantastic game and my collection would not be complete without playing this gem. good review dre