• Episode 37: Natural Selection 2 and Chivalry

    Join Ab1tar, Adretheon, *Rob, and Idunn as they talk about Natural Selection 2, Chivalry, Dota2 and the upcoming TPG CS:GO 5v5 tournament!

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    Server Connections-tpg_podcast_16x9-pngDownload [WARNING: Explicit]
    Segment 1: WhatRUDrinkin? - WhatRUDrinkin?, introductions, what are you playing?
    Segment 2: Natural Selection 2 - Natural Selection 2, Chivalry and yes, we host them.
    Segment 3: CS:GO 5v5 - What's up with this year's CS tourney.

    Featured music - Break 1: Your Funk is Fine, by Trash80; Break 2: nononoJUMP, by Nullsleep
    Outro (Sentinel) by Oozish

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    1. benmoo's Avatar
      benmoo -
      Quality podcast. Now I really want to play Chivalry. Also it was funny as hell when you called out Dmaster.