• Media Contributors Incentives

    Greetings current and potential Media Contributors,

    The staff of TPG would like to present to you a new incentive program in place for media contributors. Most of the details have been ironed out, and those that have not been will be shortly. Please look over the information below, and provide us with any feedback you may have.

    Server Connections-tpg_media_16x9-pngThe basics:
    You get 5 "tickets" for writing an article, participating in a podcast, posting a wiki topic, casting an event, streaming an event or general game play, or for highlighting your stream for upload to YouTube. For items that we can track the "reach" of you will receive an additional ticket per 100 views. This would be for articles, streams, or YouTube videos.

    Tickets will be tracked here*, and can be redeemed for items from Steam, Amazon, and/or Newegg. We have some samples on the list, but the toy chest is pretty much open to whatever you want. Need a new graphics card? Write some articles and promote them on external sites, and TPG will buy you one.

    Also, if you would like to review a game, but don't own it, TPG is willing to buy it for you as long as the review is produced in a timely manner.

    One more disclaimer: We will not publish any media that does not meet our standards, so make it quality.

    If you are not currently a Media Contributor, but would like to help out then simply apply to the member group, and we will put you to work.

    *Numbers listed are samples only, and real tracking will begin 02/01/13.
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